Pos Indonesia Presents ROSE ORANGER

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a negative impact on many families in Indonesia today. The number of layoffs and the loss of livelihood for the family is a very concerning social impact. A total of 623,407 Indonesian female workers were affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Responding to this issue, PT Pos Indonesia innovated by presenting the ORANGER MAWAR solution, namely the Tangguh Woman courier partner to join POS. ROSE ORANGER. With only SIM C capital, women can become POS driver partners. ROSE ORANGER and earn extra income.

Women who are members of ORANGER ROSE will be given the convenience of owning a SMOOT electric motorbike with credit facilities. The SMOOT electric motor will be a means for ROSE ORANGER in carrying out its activities as a POS courier partner.

“PT Pos Indonesia is also committed to the development of a green economy, and supports government programs in reducing carbon emissions in Indonesia, so collaboration with SMOOT is a quick and appropriate action by starting from ORANGER ROSE,” said Siti Choiriana, Director of Courier and Logistics Business at PT Pos. Indonesia, during the grand launching of ORANGE ROSE.

The launch of ORANGER MAWAR using the SMOOT electric motor was held to coincide with Hero’s Day on November 10, 2021 at Pos Bloc Jakarta, the POS office building which was relocated to become a modern tourist spot.

PT Smoot Motor Indonesia launched SMOOT, an environmentally friendly smart electric motorcycle. SMOOT uses PT Swap Energi Indonesia (SWAP Energy) battery swap technology. With SWAP Battery System technology, users don’t have to wait for hours to charge the battery; just visit the battery exchange (SWAPPoin) and immediately exchange the battery in just 9 seconds.

This innovation is called a “smart” electric motor because it starts from a motor, battery, and SWAPPoin; all integrated in one SWAP application. Users can always monitor the latest battery status as well as the SMOOT location of the motor. For the convenience and security of users, SMOOT is also equipped with an anti-theft system that can be accessed through the application when the vehicle is lost or stolen.

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With the SWAP Battery System, users also get access to hundreds of battery exchange locations (SWAPPoin) at various strategic locations in Greater Jakarta. They can easily order and replace their empty battery with a new one, in just nine (9) seconds. With a high level of connectivity, easy-to-find battery exchange locations, and various conveniences offered, SMOOT guarantees the safety and comfort of ROSE ORANGER on the go.

“PT Smoot Motor Indonesia fully supports the 1,500 ROSE ORANGER program through the provision of SMOOT electric motors starting from the JABODETABEK area. There are so many great women and the close collaboration with POS Indonesia has opened up opportunities for many people to be able to JOIN and OWN an ELECTRIC MOTOR while working at POS Indonesia,” said Irwan Tjahaja, CEO of PT Smoot Motor Indonesia.