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Get an easy, fast & guaranteed publishing experience. We work with 50+ major Indonesian news portals for press release & advertorial needs.


What is a Press Release Service?

Press release service is a service that helps individuals & organizations to publish news in national & regional online media.


PR Benefits

Press releases can be used for various purposes, for example, marketing, coverage of important announcements, to individual needs.

Through an online media publication service agency, you can publish news releases for media placement purposes such as, business promotions, personal branding, event coverage, product launches, product launches, product reviews, shopee mall requirements, public opinion, political campaigns on existing news sites. in Indonesia.


Proven to Give Real Results!

Build the trust of your potential audience by ensuring that you are covered by the top media.

Permanent at News Media
You need positive recognition from various publications on news sites? we can help. Our writers will compose editorial text that piques audience interest in your brand. Then we distribute the press release on the media of your choice.

Press Release

Work Flow

Our team can help you create content releases on any topic.

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Content Review

We carry out this process to decide whether the release topic is eligible or not to be published in the national media.

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Publication of News

Our team then publishes your article in the online media list that you choose according to the package.

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Get Results

We send you a full report with a direct link, and you can see the exposure results in the media.


Press Release For All Needs

We facilitate access to media, you just have to decide where to go.

Product & Service Promotion
Press releases can be used as a means of promoting products and services, provided that the news delivery uses a journalistic + storytelling style.


Reporting about your business in the national media will indirectly build trust. These benefits really help your business get positive recognition from the public


One form of reporting on the progress of the event is by publishing a release to the mass media. You can do this easily with the help of

Blue tick

With news exposure in national media, your Instagram account, Facebook page, TikTok, YouTube, it will be easier to get the verified sign / blue tick.

Issue Clarification

Press releases can also be used as a means of clarification to the public on untrue information directed at individuals or organizations.


Customer Reviews And Rating

We've worked with businesses, eCommerce websites, charities, influencers, artists, musicians and creators.

The results of the advertorial text are good, the journalists are friendly & very helpful
Cool, you can invite journalists to the office, Our PR Team are very satisfied with the service KakaDeveloperThe price is cheaper than direct advertising in the media, with higher speed for published , worth it LeroyMarketingThank you for helping me, I will continue to order here. The team work very professional as Media Connect
press release multikemasplastindo

Multikemasplastindo press release service is excellent

They deliver the best work and are transparent along the entire process and end up with a great result.



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Benefit from the readership and authority our partner news sites have built over the years. Our growing network of news sites rank highly on Google, bringing you quality readers. 80+ NEWS PORTAL 98% POSTED ARTICLES 450+ PUBLICATION

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