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What is a Press Release Service?

Press releases, also known as press releases , are brief information containing the activities of individuals and organizations published in online and print mass media. The online media press release process  involves journalists as information developers & release partners, namely internal marketing media and or agencies that have collaborated with the media.

Press releases can be used for various purposes, for example, marketing, coverage of important announcements, to individual needs.

Press release service is a service that helps individuals and organizations to publish news in national and regional online media.

Through an online media publication service agency, you can publish news releases for media placement purposes such as, business promotions, personal branding, event coverage, product launches, product launches, product reviews, shopee mall requirements, public opinion, political campaigns on existing news sites. in Indonesia.


Proven to Give Real Results!

Build the trust of your potential audience by ensuring that you are covered by the top media.

Permanent at News Media

You need positive recognition from various publications on news sites? we can help. Our writers will compose editorial text that piques audience interest in your brand. Then we distribute the press release on the media of your choice.

Press Release For All Needs

We facilitate access to media, you just have to decide where to go.


Reporting about your business in the national media will indirectly build trust. These benefits really help your business get positive recognition from the public

One form of reporting on the progress of the event is by publishing a release to the mass media. You can do this easily with the help of

With news exposure in national media, your Instagram account, Facebook page, TikTok, YouTube, it will be easier to get the verified sign / blue tick.

# Popular brands: “Brands that have been covered by min. 5 well-known print media/online media/TV”.

Press releases can be used as a means of promoting products and services, provided that the news delivery uses a journalistic + storytelling style.

Press releases can also be used as a means of clarification to the public on untrue information directed at individuals or organizations.

Advantages of Choosing Us

Our mission is to provide the best possible service, responsive & professional.


Serious! You don't need to make a press conference that takes a lot of time, effort & money.


Our Pricing is inexpensive Compare with other agencies that offer the same specifications.


Purchase a minimum of 5 media packages, get a price discount and free article creation


We provide unlimited revision guarantee, if it is our fault.


We provide the best possible service, responsive and courteous.


If it is not published, we will refund 100% of the issuance money

Here's How It Works

Our team can help you create content releases on any topic.

  1. Content Review

We carry out this process to decide whether the release topic is eligible or not to be published in the national media.

2. Publication of News

Our team then publishes your article in the online media list that you choose according to the package.

3. Get Results

We send you a full report with a direct link, and you can see the exposure results in the media.

Customer Reviews And Rating

We work with people and businesses who want to get more exposure. We’ve worked with businesses, eCommerce websites, charities, influencers, artists, musicians and creators.


4.8 Google Business Review Based on 75 Reviews

The choice of media is very complete, the service is satisfying & fast.

The results of the advertorial text are good, the journalists are friendly & very helpful

Very helpful, no need to contact the marketing media one by one, Save tons of Time
The choice of packages can be custom, price can be negotiated, can be revised, satisfied
The first time the discussion, immediately connected, did not think long and immediately ordered.
Cool, you can invite journalists to the office, Our PR Team are very satisfied with the service
The price is cheaper than direct advertising in the media, with higher speed for published , worth it 
Thank you for helping me, I will continue to order here. The team work very professional as Media Connect

Famous Media

Benefit from the readership and authority our partner news sites have built over the years. Our growing network of news sites rank highly on Google, bringing you quality readers.

































Press Release Service Price

Promo is limited, discount up to 45%


Rp ASK 1x Publication
  • Free to Choose Media
  • Permanent Show
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Article Writing
  • URL Link Report

Pro Package

Rp ASK 3 Publication
  • Free to Choose Media
  • Permanent Show
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Article Writing
  • URL Link Report


Rp ASK 5 Publication
  • Free to Choose Media
  • Permanent Show
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Article Writing
  • URL Link Report
  • The content sent (title, photo, text) can be changed by the editor according to the character of the media.
  • Promo price Press release  applies to media labeled as promo price available.
  • The issuance process can be faster than the estimated time that has been determined.

Press Release VS Advertorial

The standard for determining the class is internal to Media Publications, the provisions below are forced , continuing the order means that the client agrees.

InformationPress ReleaseAdvertorials
Estimated Publish1-5 Days1-2 Days
Review & Edit By Media  
Estimated Content Change10% - 50%0% - 5%
Preview Before Publish  
Revision After PublishMinorMinor
Journalistic News ValueRequiredNot mandatory
Estimated Word Count200-500 an kata200-1500 an kata
Warranty & View Report Special request
Embed Promotional Videos in Articles Special request
Request Release Date  
Mention of Brand or Product Names in Articles  
Mention of Brand or Product Name in TitleCan change 
Putting Photos That Contain AdsCan change 
Placement of Hyperlinks / Backlinks  
Request for Removal by CustomerCan not be deletedCan be deleted
Publication Report 

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Money Back Guarantee

Your article will be published on the news site you choose, if it fails to publish, we guarantee 100% of your money back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most asked questions below. Or message us if you can't find the answer below


We are experienced in handling the press release publishing process for both individuals and companies. Our team is professional & our work is fast.

How Long Does My Article Take?

Articles will be published following the publishing queue time in the media, which is 1-7 working days. If you have a specific schedule for publishing, please contact us to discuss airing times.

How long does an article run in the media?

The article will be published permanently, provided that no party requests removal, or it is known that the published content violates media policies. If it turns out that in the future the article is deleted by the media, you can apply for a republish to us at no charge, aka free.

Can Distribute Release in Any Media?

We have access to +80 media, including,,, and many more. Ask us for the media listing, you can click the WA button on your screen.

What Topics Are Accepted?

We can publish almost all topics, except: Gambling Porn Provocation Hate speech Comparison of religions Illegal Organization Unofficial medicine & food

How is the Payment System?

You can pay directly in full, or you can apply for a 50% down payment system (terms and conditions apply).

Can Payments Use Credit Cards?

Can. In addition to credit cards, we also accept payments from Bank BCA, BRI, Mandiri, BNI, Gopay, and other payment systems

What Article Materials Are Needed?

You need to prepare the following information: Draft of finished article release / in the form of materials. Landscape photos of 3 pieces are not blurry. The PIC we will contact to validate the article before it is sent to the media.

I Need Article Writing Guidelines

Here are the rules that we apply, so that articles can be published in the media. Articles must be between 400 -500 words. The title should summarize the article in one line. Use a professional tone without overdoing it or hype. Write as a third party and don't use personal pronouns like “we” or “you”. Articles must be written in Indonesian. Meets the standard of journalistic rules (5W+1H)

Does The Article Included ?

Yes We Will Provide it for you, but still we need the data from your according to above FAQ Writing Guidance's we will edit for you for free
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