UQWO – Re.juve Cold-Pressed Oatmilk . Healthy lifestyle is increasingly popular. The presence of various plant-based milks on the market is also increasing and attracting the attention of the lactose intolerant (who cannot consume dairy products or contain lactose), the vegan and vegetarian community, or those seeking alternatives to animal milk.

This trend was also captured by Re.juve. After previously launching Cold-Pressed Almond Milk, Re.juve completes the plant-based milk option by launching the latest variant, Cold-Pressed Oatmilk, which is delicious and has a myriad of nutrients and benefits.

Wheat milk or also known as oatmilk is one of the plant products that contains many benefits for the health of the body. The high dietary fiber in whole grains – called beta-glucan – can help lower bad cholesterol, blood sugar, and insulin resistance, make you feel full longer, and promote the growth of good bacteria for the digestive system.

In carrying out its main mission since 2014, Re.juve continues to strive to make many people live happier under the #LiveHappier campaign and be healthy through a selection of delicious, healthy and honest food and beverage products. And this time, Re.juve is implementing its mission through the Re.juve Cold-Pressed Oatmilk Line so that consumers can be more helpful in making wise choices for the right intake for their bodies.

“Re.juve was inspired by the deliciousness and richness of the nutrients found in whole grains. And now we deliver 100% whole grain goodness through the Re.juve Cold-Pressed Oatmilk Line which is made from 100% natural ingredients,” said Richard Anthony, CEO and President Director of Re.juve.

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Re.juve Cold-Pressed Oatmilk

Re.juve Cold-Pressed Oatmilk Line can be consumed directly or mixed with coffee or granola. The content of oats in Re.juve Cold-Pressed Oatmilk is twice as large as similar products on the market, so it is high in dietary fiber and protein. The manufacturing process also goes through food safety standards with True Cold-Pressed technology, and added with High Pressure (HPP) technology which further makes this product much safer for consumption while maintaining its quality, taste, freshness, and nutrition.

This oatmilk product line from Re.juve is also presented in three flavors, namely Unsweetened Oatmilk with RO Water, Whole Oats, Lemon, Sea Salt. Then Oatmilk with RO Water, Whole Oats, Coconut Sugar, Lemon, Sea Salt. And lastly, Choco Oatmilk which contains RO Water, Whole Oats, Coconut Sugar, Cocoa Powder, Lemon, Sea Salt.

“All of Re.juve ‘s ready-to-drink products, including the Cold-Pressed Oatmilk variant, apply the #CleanLabel principle which prioritizes the values ​​of honesty and transparency, making it different from other oatmilk producers,” said Richard.

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    From there, details of every natural ingredient that the company uses are listed on the bottle label without anything being hidden, as well as nutritional facts based on laboratory test results that have been approved by BPOM.

    “We really take care of its vitamin and mineral content by using True Cold-Pressed and High Pressure (HPP) technology without the pasteurization process,” concluded Richard.

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