REALME 11 PRO – REALME 11 PRO +5G Bring 200MP Camera realme brings its latest product to Indonesia with differentiation in the camera department, the 11 Pro + 5G. This phone brings flagship features or those usually found in relatively expensive phones. Claimed to be the world’s first smartphone with a 200MP 4x SuperZoom Camera, the new phone’s camera is supported by 200MP direct output.

Unlike traditional digital zoom technology that is based on cropping a 1x image to 2x or 4x, which will eliminate some pixels, resulting in a decrease in image quality, realme 11 Pro+ 5G uses In-sensor Zoom technology that uses high pixel characteristics to switch sensor modes when zooming to get the same number of pixels even with different focus segments.


    In 2x mode, the sensor will first switch to the 4-in-1 50MP mode, and then select the 12.5MP mode at the centre of the sensor to obtain a 2× 12.5MP photo. In 4x mode, the sensor will switch to 200MP direct output mode, and select the 12.5MP output at the centre of the sensor for a 4× 12.5MP photo.

    The realme 11 Pro+ 5G will be available in two colour options Sunrise Beige and Oasis Green, with a normal price of IDR 6.9 million.

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