Scarlett and Somethinc – Learn from Local Beauty Brands Scarlett and Somethinc: Leverage the TikTok Platform to Grow Your Business

The beauty industry in Indonesia continues to experience rapid growth. According to BPOM, in 2021, the number of cosmetic industries increased by 20.6% from the previous year and was dominated by SMEs by 83%.

In this rapid growth, of course, local brands must be able to continue to innovate in developing their business and stealing the hearts of customers. Choosing the right approach and platform is key for brands to be more easily found by potential buyers, and increase their sales figures and brand reputation .

Talking about local beauty brands , Scarlett and Somethinc are two brands that are certainly not foreign to the ears of beauty enthusiasts in Indonesia. On TikTok , for example, these two brands have often visited the For You Page or FYP for users who like beauty and skincare content.

Of course, it’s no coincidence that Scarlett and SomeThinc often appear on TikTok. Indeed, these two brands are always innovating and adapting to the development of digital platforms, so that they can continue to be relevant in the eyes of consumers and also in the local beauty industry.

These two brands have experienced firsthand the benefits that TikTok brings, especially in developing business and attracting the hearts of potential customers on the TikTok platform.
“Scarlett sees TikTok as one of the most happening apps and platforms , with a wide variety of content and a high level of use of the platform.

The Scarlett team sees that TikTok is always innovating and presenting new, creative things. This has convinced us that TikTok is one of the main digital destinations and promotional channels for Scarlett. Since we came to TikTok, you could say ‘TikTok is really crazy’, in terms of the drastic positive impact it has on our business,” said Felicya Angelista, Founder of Scarlett.
Scarlett first started online since 2017 before going offline . This brand has the principle of doing business in an area that is more familiar with its expertise , with a strategy to make it affordable without being constrained by distance and location.

The goal is that Scarlett can be purchased from and by all people everywhere in Indonesia, not only in Jabodetabek. Seeing how wide the reach of TikTok, TikTok Shop, TikTok Livestream, and the massive ‘Poison on TikTok’ shopping phenomenon, Scarlett has decided to build a special team and also a separate area for TikTok Live Shopping Studio.

Scarlett has recording studios for each platform in the Head Office, one of whose goals is to establish a focus on TikTok.

The positive impact of TikTok on Scarlett’s business has been massive, especially in the last two years. During the pandemic, the use of TikTok increased dramatically, because the TikTok platform has a variety of media and information content (from comedy to trends and knowledge) that can be consumed for hours.

“TikTok is a blessing and opens doors for many people , because with TikTok, many people who were previously undiscovered can get attention and visibility . So TikTok is not limited to only celebrities or famous people ,” said Felicya.

To continue to exist in the digital world, brands must continue to innovate creatively and consistently and not only follow but also create new trends. Like SomeThinc who likes to innovate.

This brand has a principle of always experimenting, including the decision to build a brand presence on TikTok even since the TikTok platform is just starting to develop.

“The most important thing for SomeThinc is to keep innovating. The SomeThinc community is looking forward to something new from us, both in terms of doing an activity or a new way that was not thought of before. We also focus on how to build a brand that is creative, entertaining , and surprisingly unique . We believe that ‘every brand has its place ‘. We always make sure that SomeThinc doesn’t just follow other brands or trends. If other brands are inspired by what Somethinc is doing, it means ‘ we are doing something right and doing a great job at what we do’ ,” said Marsela Limesa, Co-Founder & President of Somethinc.


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In its promotional activities, Somethinc also collaborates with other creators and brands to achieve wider visibility and reach . In 2021, Somethinc achieved high popularity through collaboration with one of the content creators, namely @siscakohl who experimented with using more than 30 bottles of Somethinc facial skincare toner for spas.

Currently, Somethinc is collaborating with other brands , such as BARDI (Electronic Smart Home brand), which highlights Somethinc’s way of continuously innovating.
scarlett somethinc

@siscakohl while collaborating with Somethinc on the TikTok platform. (PHOTO: TikTok Doc)
“With TikTok, SomeThinc has always looked at two things: short-term and long-term ROI, where we strive to grow over the long term and continue to be a relevant brand for our audience. SomeThinc implements measurement and tracking solutions to ensure our long term investment in TikTok is positive. Currently, we hope to continue to build on our activities in liveshopping through TikTok Shop livestreaming and liveshopping on TikTok has become one of the Business-as-Usual activities for our brand .” said Marshall.

TikTok provides opportunity and inspiration for local beauty brands

Seeing the success of Scarlett and Somethinc, TikTok continues to provide opportunities for other local beauty brands to take advantage of the fast development of the beauty category, especially in the era of informative content combined with entertainment content that can influence someone’s buying decision, or also known as shoppertainment .

“By combining creative and innovative approaches from brands and solutions and features from TikTok such as livestreaming , live shopping , collaboration with creators, and even collaboration with other brands, local beauty brands of any scale can grow their business easier, faster and more measurable .

With the massive TikTok platform with all the solutions and features that are easy to run, beauty brands can take advantage of the TikTok platform to continue to grow in the midst of the ever-growing beauty market,” said Sitaresti Astarini, Head of Business Marketing, TikTok Indonesia.

In addition, TikTok continues to provide inspiration, case studies , and lessons learned from brands that have successfully used the TikTok platform as a model for other brands , including Scarlett and Somethinc. Recently, TikTok has also released the TikTok Beauty Brand Playbook to provide insight, tips, and inspiration to local beauty brands.

This TikTok Beauty Brand Playbook highlights how beauty categories and communities have grown and thrived on TikTok, and how local brands have successfully leveraged the TikTok platform. TikTok launched this playbook with the hope that it can be a source of inspiration and reference for local beauty brands of all scales to be able to continue to grow more optimally with TikTok.

Local beauty brands can view a wealth of data and success stories on how local beauty brands thrive and succeed on TikTok, including proven tips, tricks and trends

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