Selling Online With E-mail – Selling Online With E-mail , When you want to develop a product or sell goods, one of the marketing methods that can be used is e-mail marketing.

E-mail marketing is the use of e-mail in marketing efforts to promote a product that is sold online to encourage loyalty from consumers. E-mail marketing is also a form of digital marketing. This of course will provide convenience and keep up with the times that make their existence more secure.

After getting the product to be sold online and the target market of the product, then to help the best-selling product, you can take advantage of E-mail marketing.

The advantage of using e-mail as a digital marketing method is that it is not affected by the algorithm so that it is more effective in promoting. There are several strategies that need to be considered, so that online sales sell well with e-mail marketing.

E-mail Marketing Tools

When you are going to use E-mail marketing as one or even the only media to promote products to be sold, it is necessary to choose E-mail marketing tools. It is necessary to know, in order to sell online in demand, the products being sold need to be known by many people.

Therefore, hundreds if not thousands of E-mails will be sent. If sending E-mail that much manually is not possible. So it is necessary to find the right E-mail marketing tools, according to the features and budget.

For example, if the business you are running is just starting, you can use mailchimp. This platform has a lot of features, integration into various tools as well as E-mail optimization options.

Create an E-mail list

In order for E-mail marketing to run smoothly, it is necessary to collect the E-mail addresses of potential customers. To collect E-mail addresses according to the target market with a lot and quickly is not an easy thing.

Avoid buying a list of E-mail addresses, because even if you get a lot of E-mail addresses, the permission policy may be prohibited. In addition, the list of E-mail addresses that you get is also not necessarily in accordance with the target market. Don’t just focus on the number of E-mail addresses, stay focused on encouraging people to receive messages well.

There are several ways to get an E-mail address, according to the selected target market. For example, by offering discount vouchers and holding give aways. Another way is by offering special content for free such as E-books or premium articles. Then send this content via E-mail, so there is no need to force potential customers to provide their E-mail.


List segmentation is the process of dividing a list of potential customers into smaller sub-lists with common characteristics. This is so that the e-mail sent feels more personal and fits the needs of consumers.

Then make a segmentation of potential customers based on the category of purpose. For example, there are many potential customers with the possibility of opening e-mails and buying the products that we offer. Then segmentation can be based on the type of consumer, interest or need.

Create Interesting E-mail Content

As a promotional medium, of course E-mail must be made with interesting content. The content that is created needs to be created, but still relevant to the product to be sold. So make sure to pay attention to the cash or promotional materials created via this E-mail.

• Optimize
Make sure the e-mail sent is responsive and can be opened via desktop or mobile. For example, the content that is created is an image, then the display of this image will look smaller when viewed using a cellphone. Therefore, make the image optimally open via desktop or mobile without destroying the design.
• E-mail Subject
So that potential customers are interested in opening the e-mail that was sent, then make the subject of the e-mail that invites curiosity. Also, make sure that the subject line of the E-mail is not considered spam or overly promotional. If a contact decides an E-mail that was sent as spam before the E-mail is even opened, then the delivery rate is likely to decrease.
• E-mail Destination
So that the recipient of the E-mail does not feel bored, then convey the purpose of the E-mail clearly. Also add pictures of the products being sold, so that it helps the e-mail sent to be read by potential users and easy to understand clearly.

Maintain Communication

Once someone trusts a product being sold with their E-mail address, don’t abuse that trust. It is necessary to maintain communication with consumers. This can be done by creating relevant and interesting content about things that consumers love that will keep them loyal for a long time. Avoid creating monotonous content, because it will make consumers bored. Send E-mails only when you really need them. Also avoid flooding consumer inboxes with excessive E-mail. Because this will cause consumers

lose interest or unsubscribe completely. Focus on sending them a message.

Optimize E-mail Delivery
E-mail marketing success also depends on reliable E-mail delivery capabilities. Therefore it is very important E-mail delivery capability refers to the ability to send E-mail to the inbox. Don’t let the delivery capability be disrupted, for example, the e-mail that is sent actually goes to the spam folder.

Clean Your E-mail List Periodically

For optimal E-mail delivery and higher engagement rate, update database. If you get a customer who’s gone off the radar or hasn’t even engaged with E-mail in at least six months, then send a reactivation campaign. See if you can get the target interested again or not. If there’s still no engagement, we recommend removing the prospect from the target list.


An important thing not to overlook when using E-mail marketing is Evaluation. E-mail marketing strategy evaluation can be done by checking open rate, bounce rate, click through rate, unsubscribe rate. From here you can determine what needs to be maintained and what needs to be improved.

Don’t often advertise

Do not be too often to send advertisements to buy products to E-mail consumers. Messages sent to consumers’ E-mails are not only advertising, it can also provide them with tips and insights that they can appreciate.

Use E-mail to build good relationships with customers by sharing information that lets them know more about the seller and the products he sells.
If you want the opportunity to turn potential customers into consumers, then make them feel special. Delivery time E-mail can be sent on weekdays in the morning.

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E-mail marketing will make online sales in demand because it can help make potential consumers aware of the items or product offerings that are being sold. by integrating it into their marketing automation efforts.

This will generate leads brand awareness, build relationships, or keep consumers engaged between purchases through various types of E-mail marketing.

Always make sure to comply with legal requirements and applicable laws in your area when sending automated E-mails.

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