SEO CON Jakarta Indonesia

SEO CON Jakarta Indonesia – SEO CON Jakarta Indonesia , Helping Businesses Face Transformation, SEOCon 2023 Discusses Digital Marketing Strategies , Jakarta – For a business, there are various ways to improve performance-one of which is by utilizing SEO. To support this, SEOCon 2023 comes with Performance Oriented Marketing as the main topic.

SEOCon is the largest SEO conference in Indonesia with a global audience, especially in Southeast Asia. Since 2019, SEOCon has brought more than 25 prominent SEO speakers both from Indonesia and internationally, with more than 2,000 practitioners as participants. The conference also provides a platform for SEO practitioners to network with each other in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

Until now, SEO itself is sometimes still considered limited to helping improve website ranking on search engines. However, SEO also has the potential to increase conversions for businesses. This is what will be discussed at SEOCon 2023, where participants can learn the right SEO strategies to be the basis of successful performance marketing.

SEO CON Jakarta Indonesia
SEO CON Jakarta Indonesia

SEO CON Jakarta Indonesia

SEOCon 2023 will be held over 2 days offline at The Hall Kasablanka Jakarta, on May 24-25, 2023. The focus of this conference is Performance Oriented Marketing which is divided into 3 main topics; Performance, Optimization, and Strategy. Participants will be able to learn how to track metrics, optimize SEO and SEM strategies, and achieve business goals through effective performance marketing.

In addition, SEOCon 2023 will also discuss the importance of optimization in digital marketing, which involves optimizing social media, website content, website structure, and other technical elements. During the event, participants will also have the opportunity to learn the latest digital marketing strategies that can increase organic traffic through workshops, panel discussions, and networking.

Not only that, you will get three benefits by attending SEOCon 2023; networking with SEO practitioners and enthusiasts who will share their knowledge, hands-on practice and learning from experts with implementable strategies, and insights into the latest trends and methods in digital marketing that can help improve business performance.

Digital TRANSFORMATION, which is intertwined with the increasingly massive use of the internet in society, has led to many new trends in technological development, including in the marketing sector.

Some of them are the use of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology, such as the emergence of the ChatGPT phenomenon, and other technologies.

“The digital marketing landscape is constantly changing as consumers’ lifestyles shift. So, it is important for all business players to follow the latest trends in order to create the best strategy,” said Jave Danish , Manager of , Thursday (4/5).

SEO CON Jakarta Indonesia

Jave said that the trend of using AI has become one of the controversies in the world of digital marketing. This is because AI can replace some business processes, while on the other hand, the automation offered can also create efficiency.

To help businesses, SEOCon event that dissects search engine optimization (SEO) trends with the theme Performace-Oriented Marketing in Jakarta, 24-25 May.

Jave explained that a number of experts from industry players will share their experiences in utilizing SEO in business development and winning consumer choice.

CEO and Founder of Undercover.coid said, the utilization of SEO which previously only focused on keywords and content, is now increasingly diverse and can be utilized by all fields of industry. One of the uses of SEO is reading consumer or audience behavior.

“With more and more platforms, there is more and more information to consumers, so their behavior is increasingly difficult to guess. SEO helps analyze this behavior to determine more strategies in reaching consumers,” he said.

explained that as a country with the fourth largest internet users in the world, Indonesia has great potential to utilize SEO in digital marketing.

“What is needed is education to narrow the gap between potential and opportunity to utilize technology,” he said.

SEO CON Jakarta Indonesia : Expert’s Schedule

On the first day, a number of speakers delivered their talks.

1. Optimizing for the SERP Multiverse by John Earnshaw (CTO of Pi Datametrics)

With voice search & conversational AI, SEO is at a tipping point. This makes ushers’ search queries longer & more specific, so businesses shouldn’t just stick to exact keyword targets like in the past.

2. Practical Guide about Effective International SEO strategy by Gianluca Fiorelli (Founder of

If a company chooses to expand its reach to other countries, a website can be utilized to target markets there. Use the right signals to be understood by search engines, from hreflang, domain & URL structure, content, and so on.

3. The Importance of General Technical SEO by Serge Bezborodov (CTO

Technical SEO should not be overlooked. It is important to ensure that search engines index and crawl websites correctly, so that the content that has been created for the audience can be found and displayed in search results.

4. Reinventing Search with Your Copilot for the Web by Ricky Haryadi (Strategic Partnership Corporate Business Development at Microsoft)

Microsoft introduced many uses of AI in its various products, from integrating Bing with ChatGPT, to integrating AI in Microsoft 365 to help workflow, called Microsoft 365 Copilot.

5. Impactful & Efficient Social Media Marketing by Edho Zell (YouTuber/influencer & CEO of Social Bread)

If MSME business owners can maximize social media to increase sales, using content creators directly is more effective than going through digital agencies that are usually out of their budget. Social Bread can help MSMEs to achieve this.

SEO CON Jakarta Indonesia

SEOCon Jakarta 2023 features various discussions and classes to share experiences and insights from industry veterans, entrepreneurs and digital marketing thought leaders.

Then on the second day, participants had the opportunity to attend classes and workshops. Here they had the opportunity to get specialized guidance from industry experts. These workshops covered topics such as SEO technical audits, keyword research, link building strategies, and website optimization.

There were 3 optional classes in accordance with this year’s theme “Performance Oriented Marketing” namely Optimization, Strategy, and Performance.

Optimization Class

1. Utilizing Content Gap to Build Your Brand’s Reputation and Attract Traffic oleh Cornelia Tjandra (Senior SEO On Page at Toffedev)

2. SEO Through Visual and High-Quality Content Experience oleh Ian Hariananda (SEO Manager at RGE Group)

3. Utilizing chatGPT for Your SEO oleh Nur Anasta Rahmat (Co-Founder at WeaReGroup)

4. What Happen with SEO in Indonesia Today? Dimoderatori oleh Radius Arianto (Business Development Manager at Wignja) dengan Panelist Tara Mulya (Head of SEO at Toffedev); Bayu Alfian (Growth Product Manager at GoKampus); Muhammad Ilman Akbar (Founder DailySEO ID)

5. The Future of Search Marketing: Advanced Technique for Integrated Campaign SEO & Google Ads to Maximize your Impact oleh Tania Dian (Digital Marketing Manager at Island Media)

6. Controlling Googlebot with SEO Log File Analysis: Insights and Strategies oleh Serge Bezborodov (Co-Founder & CTO at JetOctopus)

SEO CON Jakarta Indonesia
SEO CON Jakarta Indonesia

Performance Class

1. Tips to Create a Lightweight WordPress Website for Better SEO oleh Clement Yo (Co-Founder Tanpa Koding)

2. Optimization of Loading Speed That Affects Core Web Vitals and SEOs oleh Sinar Hadi Wijaya, (CEO Dapanel Media Indonesia)

3. Unlock the Power of SEO: Simple Tips for Creating a Custom WordPress Theme oleh Dwivy Andre (Lead Web Developer at Toffedev)

4. How Integrating SEO and Other Channels Can Benefit your Business oleh Irvan Sanjaya (AVP of SEO at BliBli)

5. The New 4E of Performance Marketing in era of A.I and Privacy: Decoding Customer Decision with Data oleh Viktor Iwan (Founder & CEO Doxa Digital)

6. Mastering Brand Marketing – Tricks to Drive Higher Conversions & Customer Engagement oleh Novita Dewi (Business Development Manager at

7. B2B Tailored Marketing oleh Adythia Pratama (Founder & CEO PT. Braja Biru Abadi)

8. How to Set Up a Creative Strategy to Create a Performance-Driven Marketing Campaign oleh Denny Abditama (VP of Marketing at Niagahoster)

Strategy Class

1. Key to a Successful Store in Online Marketplace oleh Andre Chouw (Chief Relationship Officer AHACommerce)

2. Should Big Decisions Be Based on Data or Your Intuition? Oleh Ferly F. Raya (Owner & Managing Director GRATYO)

3. Leverage Creator Marketing on Tiktok as a Foundation for Performance Marketing oleh Yosef Abas (Founder & CMO Rabbit Convert)

4. Collab or Collapse: Embracing Synergy and Success with CDP and AI in Email Marketing oleh Yopie Suryadi (Founder & CEO MTARGET)

5. Boost your Revenue Generation with Omnichannel & Chatbot oleh Ardian Susanto (CMO

6. Strategies to Drive Engagement and Boost Sales oleh Andrew Darmadi Hendrawan (Founder & CEO Halosis)

7. How to Analyze your Marketing Performance & Improve It oleh Jacqualine (Head of Growth

8. 23 Cutting Edge SEO Strategies for 2023 and Beyond oleh Tuhin banik (Founder & CEO ThatWare)

In addition to sessions that provided valuable insights, participants also had the opportunity to visit booths located in the foyer of The Kasablanka Hall at the SEOCon Jakarta 2023 event. Some booth activations provided freebies, giveaways, and opportunities to get prizes by participating in games or filling out data at each booth.

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