PT SiCepat Express Indonesia (SiCepat) again increased its ownership in PT Digital Mediatama Maxima Tbk (DMMX). The amount was originally 5.96% to 6.05% or equal to 6,831,300 shares. This share purchase transaction took place on October 21, 2021. The purchase was made at a price of Rp2,330 per share. SiCepat allocated Rp15.97 billion to increase the ownership.

Chief Executive Officer of SiCepat Ekspres The Kim Hai said that with the return of the economy to revive along with the decreasing number of cases infected with COVID-19 nationally, closer synergy is needed with business partners such as DMMX.

“DMMX with a POP (Point of Present) distribution network of around 100 thousand points consisting of traditional stores, modern retail and transportation facilities is a beneficial synergy for SiCepat to develop a drop-point and pick-up point network. The expansion of the DC ( Distribution Center ) network in the form of warehouses and vehicle pool points can also be allocated more accurately because there are last mile points in synergy with DMMX, “added The Kim Hai.

On the other hand, SiCepat will also launch a new business for electric-powered vehicles (electric motors) and battery charging stations for electric vehicle users in the near future. Availability of space for battery charging stations is very important in this business.

In the near future, SiCepat hopes to acquire massive amounts of POP, so synergies with partners such as DMMX are needed. This synergy adds to the business potential and economic effects of both parties. Through this synergy, then

DMMX partners who are members of the SiCepat distribution network will get new income as drop-point agents and pick-up centers from SiCepat and for battery charging stations, this is an additional new ads inventory (LED display ads) for the cloud advertising business that has the potential to increase revenue. for the company.

Previously, SiCepat had collaborated with DMMX in terms of Digital Cloud Ads spread across several SiCepat service points. This collaboration is the development of a commercial platform for the DMMX MSME retail network with the SiCepat logistics network

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In this partnership, SiCepat, through the e-commerce platform enabler belonging to the SiCepat Group, will provide full support in the procurement of groceries/raw materials/supplies to MSMEs who are members of the DMMX network.

The SiCepat expedition company was founded in 2014, where the main focus in its services is 8-hour delivery to the Greater Jakarta and Bandung areas and 1-day delivery to major cities throughout Indonesia. The company is one of the few players to provide integrated logistics services (including Last-mile, Warehouse & Fulfilment, Commerce Enabler, Online Distribution and Remote Logistics).

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