Skyrocket Your Business Profit in Ramadhan Through Digital Marketing Optimization   Toward the month of Ramadhan, the stretch of the business world increasingly shows a different atmosphere. Many businesses compete to win the hearts of consumers with various strategies, one with the optimization of digital marketing.


However, there are still many people who question whether digital marketing is an alternative strategy or a final solution to increase business turnover in the month of Ramadan?  It can not be denied, usually in the month of fasting people will be more consumptive until the holiday. Many people are gregarious buying various kinds of daily necessities and for the preparation of holidays such as groceries, food, drinks, fruits, clothing, even home remodeling equipment. But as a business player, are we going to let this moment pass just like that?


In fact, the potential of SMEs to increase turnover in the month of Ramadan is very large. This is because there are many entrepreneurs who produce goods such as various kinds of pastries, takjil foods, dates, salats, muslim clothes, or even travel and tour packages that are usually in demand during the fasting month until the holiday. This phenomenon is seen by Google as one of the right momentum to boost sales turnover.

Ramadhan’s Moment Of Truth For Optimazation in Digital Era

As we know, the current trend of online shopping has been very popular in the community so many people are looking for goods through cyberspace. Despite the month of Ramadan, this trend will still continue, even usually tend to increase. This is due to the high level of consumption in the month of Ramadan. Of course, these symptoms will affect the increase in traffic in cyberspace.

Promotion through cyberspace can not we look at one eye. Let’s look at the digital market trends that exist in Indonesia today. The number of smartphone users in Indonesia is estimated to have reached 80 million people. By 2018 this number is expected to continue to grow to more than 100 million people. The use of smartphones to explore the virtual world also tend to be more attractive than using a desktop computer or laptop.


Usually, digital marketing in the month of Ramadan targeting consumers from the upper middle class who do not want to be bothered with long lines or congestion on the streets. Digital marketing system is intended for people who want a practical life full of ease. Not surprisingly, most consumers of e-commerce and startup are people in the 20-40 year age range. What’s more, the majority of active smartphone users in the world today are also dominated by tech-savvy young people. Of course this opportunity is a pity to miss.


On the other hand, the question may arise, is it true that conventional business is also completely abandoned? Although some conventional businesses are beginning to decline, there are still conventional businesses that survive. There are still people looking for goods by directly coming to the supermarket or the nearest mall before Ramadan. Although marginalized, traditional markets are still able to attract buyers every day. But of course, conventional business performance will not maximize the performance of digital marketing optimization strategies.


Ramadan is a moment that promises both opportunities and hopes to boost sales turnover. But all of that back again to the UKM business players, whether this momentum can be utilized properly, or just going as usual just as in previous years. Yes, in the end the choice is in their hands


What World Search Engine’s Google Advise For Business in Indonesia ?


Intermezzo With Google, the introduction of two representatives from Small Medium Business Department of Google Singapore is Purnomo and Jennifer. Purnomo is currently serving as Small Medium Business Services Manager in Singapore. In his presentation, Jennifer & Mr. Purnomo explained some of the benefits that can be gained if a businessman uses Google AdWords as their business advertising service:


Search Query and Keywords Match


Keywords are one of the most important aspects of advertising in cyberspace, though not the only decisive aspect. Meanwhile, search queries are the most used keywords by internet users. Customizing the keywords used by a Google Partner with search query will make AdWords ads work optimally.


How did it happen? Adjustment of keywords used with search query is a process of equating perceptions. The keywords used should refer to the trend of internet usage by looking at what keywords are most searched for. Matching between search queries with these keywords can be done with company that has officially become Google Premier Partner.


Timing is Right


Just like advertising on television, advertising using Google AdWords also has prime time on certain hours. This is because Google knows when Internet users search for products they want to buy. By knowing the right time, of course optimization can be done better.


Strategic Ads Location


If the keyword and time of the ad have been discussed, the third point that is part of this discussion is the location of the ad. The location of the ads will affect the number of consumers who will make inquiries or make phone calls to Google Partners. The location of Google AdWords ads is above organic search and to the right of organic search on every page.


With adWords ads managed by professionals , AdWords ads will be maximized in terms of quality score or Quality Score so that ads can serve in strategic positions.

 AdWords Ensures Shown Ads Being Appointed to the Right People

The fourth point that Google AdWords has overloaded is that the ads shown will certainly point to the right people. AdWords ads will only show if the keywords used by you are typed by the consumer to search for information. So from here it can be ascertained that people who seek information in cyberspace and clicking on ads are people who are looking for products that are sold.


Future is Now

Have you ever seen an ancient science fiction movie stating that the world in the future will be dominated by a variety of high technologies? The future is now. Now. Since the digital revolution took place in the late 1990s, a lot of people who buy domains in cyberspace because know someday the domain will be a very profitable business.


As time goes by, advertising platforms in cyberspace are becoming increasingly sophisticated. AdWords ads provide accurate data about keyword searches that have occurred over the past few months. Inside the Google AdWords platform, you just go to the Google Keyword Planner section. From there colleagues can predict what keywords are most widely used by people in cyberspace.


When you enter the keyword “sewing machine” then in the box diagram will show the accumulated number of keyword search per month. As of November 2015 only search keyword “sewing machine” sought as much as 175,380 times. Keep in mind if “sewing machines” are not the most searched keywords in cyberspace. So you can imagine how much the number of searches generated for keywords that are in the top search.


With the number of searches that much, most likely people who sell sewing machines will get inquiry or phone calls from customers. It also proves that to search for sewing machines only, so many people are already using the internet. Changed market behavior like this should be responded well by the businessman so as not to be left behind in the competition in the digital era.


Why use AdWords through knows very well that small and medium sized companies are sectors that are in desperate need of support and promotion to flourish. Why do small and medium sized companies need AdWords advertising cooperation with


First, the cost is cheaper and the advertising is more effective. Compared to your conventional advertise in newspaper or radio media that is not necessarily someone who read or heard it then the ad in AdWords promises a brighter prospect. Fees that must be spend only between 1.5 million to 10 million rupiah to be able to advertise with

Second, save time. Colleagues do not need to waste too much time advertising with and Google. We already know the exact times when many people are looking for information in cyberspace and that’s when they’ll see your ad on Google. Ads in the form of columns in the print media is fairly cheap but in today’s rarely there are people who want to see ads in the newspaper because it is considered inefficient anymore.

Third, the results are satisfactory. We ensure that prospects who come to see your ad will be directly proportional to the turnover you will receive. The more number of prospects who see your ad the more number of incoming calls that will come to the office of colleagues

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Fourth, managed by a team with Google certification. This is the advantage compared with other digital agency companies. We have a team that has been trained directly by Google to be able to serve the needs and provide good consultation to every consumer.


Fifth, direct support from Google. As Google Premier Partner makes get direct support from Google for the needs required by you

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