SME Business Tips: How Correct Step To Make Your Website Profitable

SEO UNDERCOVER CO ID 24 –  In the digital era, as now, the website has become a necessity. Data from MasterCard Worldwide depicted, more than 57% of Indonesian people have already been familiar with the system of buying and selling online. This great opportunity is increasingly adding the optimism for all kind of businesses to try.

However, you cannot recklessly “straight right away trying” or just follow the trend and by the end of the day only spending more money you got. Where every month you spend a lot of money on maintenance costs, but the website has not yielded profits or results.

Do not despair, in this article we will share some key elements that you should do that every penny spent was not in vain. Outside your office door, there are a lot of stories to tell about people who succeeded in selling their products and services via the Internet because they managed to maximize their website.

4 Elements Of Success To Make Your Website Profitable


  1. Having bold purposes

Before creating a website, you have to know first why and what for the website is created, whether as an information center for customers, as a brochure to attract more business clients, or just showcase your products or services.

A website can be used to sell products or services exclusively. For example, you create a website to sell fishing equipments. You may make articles targeting fishing enthusiasts. Such as tips and tricks to get the bigger fishes, or the most complete and cheapest fishing equipment store.

Website for a simple sales usually only have two pages, to display the variety of products and the other pages to explain the details of the product and a purchase link. It is a simple effective method to earn money from the internet via website.


2. Create something that makes active visitors visit

You want your visitors to stay longer and see other pages of the website, don’t you? If that’s your expectation, putting all of the products and services on the main page is not a good idea.

Therefore, to make them active in visiting, you can offer them to have newsletters subscription. Be creative in making an easy to find and easy to understand website, at the end, they will be happy to explore your website.


3. Knowing your target market

A common misconception created by ‘newbie’ entrepreneurs is they usually sell their products and services to “everyone”. Although it is true that, everyone needs a product, not everyone will buy it.

So, you must know your targets who’ll visit the website. What is the gender of your target customers, male or female? What their level of education is, how old is he or she? What hobbies or interests they have, what kind of book they read, what is their level of income? And what the biggest problem your target market has.

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Those questions will certainly help you get a clear picture of the target market. With that information anyway, you can begin to create marketing and advertising plans that will get the best prospects to buy your products or services.

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4. Capture Visitor’s names

One advantage of making a website is to get your visitor’s names or email addresses. In this scenario, potential customers are visiting your website then happily leave their name and email address for you.

If it happens, that means they are giving you permission to send an email about the relevant business updates, update articles, or special offers. Maybe you have the latest tips on how to use the products that customers want to know. Why don’t you send it to those who have visited the website?

SME Business Tips: How Correct Step To Make Your Website Profitable In order for visitors to leave their names and email addresses, you can offer them the newsletter, free e-book, weekly tips, and offer free coupons or discounts. Make an offer which matches the content of the website, so visitors will be happy to write down their names and email addresses for you. And, most importantly, make them feel comfortable by letting them know that you do not collect their identity to be sold to other parties.

By getting your visitors’ names and emails, in fact, you are building a relationship with them. In any business, build a good relationship with customers will make them generous and loyal.


Drive Online Sales Abroad

As a business owner, you are of course always looking for ways to grow the business. Penetrated foreign markets will be a consideration. While not all businesses have the mission, but many of them are trying expanding to overseas markets, to achieve marketing and sales opportunities.

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One important factor to consider is when you want to do marketing and sales abroad, it is important to make sure your website suitable to the audiences wherever they are. The business owners, including SMEs entrepreneurs, should understand various functions and services offered by the website developer in order to meet the needs of the audiences with cultural backgrounds differences.

In this article, Verisign shared some tips that should be considered by business owners when they want to expand to the international community:


Languages and Localization

One of the biggest challenges in marketing and selling the products abroad is the language barrier. Therefore, it is important to more detailed attention to the language translation inside the website. You can use the service from website developer that provides translation services. With the availability of various languages, customers can easily switch to their language.

In marketing to the international market, it is also important to make sure the website address representing your global presence. The use of .com domain can represent it. Also, you can double it with the availability of various languages on the website; it will be attractive for the foreign customers.

After registering .com domain as the website address, you can also register other domain names with different extensions. However, you can even adding specific domain extension for specific countries. Worth to note, you still have to directly guide the visitors to the main website, so that it can increase the traffic.

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International Payment System

The next thing to consider is the difference in currency. Strongly recommended for online business to provide a variety of payment systems solutions, primarily been internationally recognized as WorldPay and Paypal. This can increase the trust from your prospective customers.




Different Currency

Provides a wide selection of currencies for payment is certainly catching the attention of customers around the world. A customer from America, for example, won’t be comfortable paying in rupiah.

Many website developers offer services package that includes currency conversion. By enabling this feature, customers can choose a payment system that is convenient for them.


International Delivery System

A last tip, to maximize sales abroad, another important point is to provide international shipping options. To satisfy overseas customers and make them come back to buy the products offered, you need to consider looking for local delivery partners providing delivery services abroad.

In Indonesia, shipping companies such as JNE, TIKI, and Pos Indonesia are able to provide such services. Provide more than one shipping options will also give a better service, and can improve customer satisfaction.


Strong credibility, be trustworthy, and always strive to meet consumer needs is the characteristics that will be noticed by the customers both in Indonesia and abroad. By running the strategies above, you can take your own business to be success in the domestic market and abroad. SME Business Tips: How Correct Step To Make Your Website Profitable

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