undercover.co.id/.com –  Now, SMEs can advertise on Instagram. Starting in September, Instagram will provide advertising space to advertisers of large or small scales to advertise on social media sites. Instagram will offer a wide series of new features, including ad formats which are more action-oriented, pictures and videos landscape, as well as its ability to reach the right group, and use Facebook advertising technology that has been proven.

Instagram community in Indonesia will start to see ads that appear gradually from Instagram Indonesia’s partners, such as Air Asia (@airasiaindonesia), Indosat (@indosat), Intel (@intel_indonesia), Lazada (@lazadaid), Traveloka (@traveloka), Tresemme Indonesia (@tresemmeid), Zalora (@zaloraid) and Coca Cola Indonesia (@cocacola_id).


Instagram will also introduce the ads in more than 30 countries, followed by global availability by the end of this month.

Instagram first launched its advertisement products in November 2013 and then, and has been known gradually in eight countries. At that time, Instagram has became a powerful place for advertisers and users who want to be inspired, with the ability to shift the metric which is the focus of marketers.

Based on data from Nielsen Mobile Netview, one in five minutes spent on mobile phones’ screen was to use Instagram and Facebook. The advertisers and users wanted a way to find out more, see more, or buy a product from a favorite brand or a nearby restaurant.

“Starting this month, varieties of business scale in Indonesia will have a new option in communicating creativity and achieving their ads’ goals on Instagram. The users come to Instagram for visual inspiration and we are delighted to offer a solution that creates more value for local businesses and communities of Instagram,” explained Paul Webster, Brand Development Lead, APAC Instagram, as quoted in a press release.


3 Reasons for Marketers to Choose Social Media than Advertising on Search Engines

Traditional advertising through search engines over the decades has proven able to drive traffic and sales business. But advertising in social media is now being a trend and seems to offer more long-term value primarily for lifestyle products.

SMEs Now Can Advertise on Instagram More Easily In the lifestyle categories, such as fashion and home decor, search engine advertising is a challenge. Why? Because advertising by that media is difficult to trigger an emotional response to the product and new users will use search engines when they know for sure what thing to buy.

While advertising in social media allows marketers creating visual content that inspires consumers to click, engage and share.

Here are three other reasons why advertise in social media is superior than search engine advertising.

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Social media ads to encourage traffic and brand equity

When we use advertising by search engine,we only get clicks. Whereas, when we use social media advertising, not only clicks that we get, but also impressions and clicks from the consumer’s network when shares our advertisement.

It instantly creates Halo effect for our business campaign, increases brand equity and gets return on capital ads. For example, we promote our business on Twitter, the more our tweet is captivating and getting many shares then the greater is the opportunity engagement we earn and the more potential brand equity we create. Finally, thus engagement and brand equity drive more traffic in the future.

Social media advertising Triggers purchases in the category of visual products.

Social media ads offer a larger canvas -rather than search engine ads- for our product messages, especially on visual platforms such as Pinterest, Polyvore, and Instagram.

Those social media platforms are ideal for product categories such as fashion and home decor in which the use of visual content can inspire consumers and become the key to trigger a purchase.

Social media advertising pushes long-term engagement.


Creating ads on social media that resonate with consumers can drive deeper engagement in the long term because consumers feel personally involved with products and brands. This becomes noticeable difference with search engine advertising, where the consumer can see the product display only when they are going to buy.

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Expanding Business Line, Dentsu Aegis Network Strengthens Its Position as Second Largest in Indonesia

Country CEO DAN Indonesia, Harris Thajeb

Dentsu Aegis Network (DAN) for the first time after the merger in 2014 announced the expansion of its organizational structure to accelerate its business growth as global advertising agency networks, especially in Indonesia.

Country CEO of Dentsu Aegis Network Indonesia, Thajeb Harris, in his speech at the media gathering (12/8) in Penang Bistro, Kebon Sirih, said that the digital agency he leads strived to provide the best service. “We focus on quality. The way to deliver services is different from the others. Therefore, we have many specific units that will provide the best services according to their expertness to our clients,” said Harris.

In that event, the second largest advertising agency in Indonesia has also introduced two new brands launched in the second quarter of 2015 – Vizeum and psLIVE. Both brands are as part of a long-term commitment to continue strengthening company’s capabilities in the brands communications industry, the creative and digital media of Indonesia and making DAN Indonesia as the second largest network in Southeast Asia.

Although most of the company’s revenue still comes from conventional media, but Harris said that the creative industries and digital media markets in Indonesia was very potential. Therefore DAN Indonesia focus to develop services in the field of digital. “Everything is digital, that’s we’re going to focus,” he said.

In that same opportunity, DAN announced that it would launch the academy program aimed at developing the creative potential of youngsters emphasising on providing a perfect place and transferring knowledge of the latest communication solutions tailored to the local character and culture.

Until now DAN Indonesia has 600 employees spread out in 16 brand networks, which consists of brand strategies and creative agencies (Dentsu Indonesia, DentsuStrat, Dentsu Sparks), media agencies (Media Palette, Media Cubic, Media Matrix, Carat, Vizeum Posterscope), digital agencies (Isobar, iProspect, Dentsu digital Division), content and activations agencies (Amplifi, Amnet, psLive) and Dentsu Research Indonesia. SMEs Now Can Advertise on Instagram More Easily

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