undercover.co.id – Sony Indonesia Gives Support to Indonesian Film Education , Sony Indonesia provides full support for film education activities in the country, especially through the Jakarta Arts Institute (IKJ).

The real contribution from Sony Indonesia is the donation of one Sony Alpha Mirrorless camera along with two 4K Super 35mm Camcorders. The gift of camera equipment was addressed to the Faculty of Film and Television (FFTV) IKJ.

The ceremony for providing Sony Indonesia direct support for Indonesian film education activities, especially for IKJ students, took place on Friday . The camera units provided will be used directly as a means of education within the FFTV-IKJ environment, especially in honing students’ skills related to film production.

“We are pleased to be able to support film education activities in Indonesia through FFTV-IKJ. With the imaging technology owned by Sony cameras, FFTV-IKJ students can optimize the use of technology and produce extraordinary works,” said Koji Sekiguchi, President Director of PT Sony Indonesia, in an official statement

Sony Indonesia’s form of support for local film education activities is not limited to donating equipment such as cameras. On another occasion, Sony Indonesia and IKJ have collaborated in the form of a campaign under the umbrella of ‘Collaboration of the World of Education with Imaging Technology’. In it, there are training activities with film practitioners such as director Fajar Bustomi and Editor Andhy Pulung.

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Sony Indonesia

    This effort continues with the opportunity to borrow Sony cameras and lenses for practical film classes, so that students who are involved can immediately produce works. A number of films produced by students through these activities were subsequently included in the ‘World of Film by Sony Asia Pacific’ festival. Through this event, students can measure their abilities and compete directly with film talent at the regional level.

    The collaboration between Sony Indonesia and FFTV-IKJ is expected to help students follow the dynamics of developing the creations of the film industry. In addition, the collaboration aims to build a film community between Sony Indonesia and FFTV-IKJ. The establishment of this community is expected to build a joint initiative to be able to develop the Indonesian film industry in the long term.

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