For the sake of sustainability, Starbucks is ready to stop using its iconic glass – Global coffee chain Starbucks is preparing to take steps to stop using single-use cups in all its stores. These efforts were taken to implement an operating system that is in line with the principles of sustainability and is environmentally friendly.

Starbucks recognizes the policy to stop using glass packaging that is already familiar to consumers, is not an easy decision. However, it is the best way to reduce the direct impact of coffee consumption on current and future environmental conditions.

“Our glasses can be found easily in many countries, and we love that. On the other hand, the same item has become a real symbol of the use of single-use items in society,” said Starbucks Chief Sustainability Michael Kobori, as reported by CNN Business .

Regardless of the glass’s capability to be recycled , Michael emphasized that during the process the packaging must pass through a landfill facility (TPA). Not infrequently, trash in the form of glasses with the Starbucks logo is found lying on the streets or polluting waterways around the world.

A number of plans from Starbucks to stop using plastic and paper cups, have begun to be tested in several regions. One of the plans is to design the consumer experience, so that the use of disposable cups becomes unattractive.

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The trial was carried out using durable glass, as well as offering incentives when consumers pick it up and return it from a designated place. This method has been started by Starbucks in a number of outlets within the United States since 2021.

At the same time, until the end of 2022, Starbucks also began to encourage consumers to use their own glasses. This policy applies to customers in the United States and Canada, even to those who have pre-ordered via the app or the drive-thru facility .

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Starbucks’ pilot program to stop using glass and apply the principles of sustainability will also be implemented in other countries such as the UK, Japan and Singapore. 

By 2025, Starbucks expects more customers to bring their own glasses when ordering coffee through its stores.

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