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Business people are required to adapt and adjust business strategies in order to survive. Not only for those who focus on the business to customer (B2C) market but also business to business (B2B).

Consumers in the B2B market or wholesalers also seem to crave a quality service similar to the B2C market. Even though it is assisted by technology that can improve the customer shopping experience, businesses still have to be vigilant and hone strategies to get better sales performance.

“The trend will continue to develop rapidly and the longer companies wait to digitize their business, they will have difficulty competing with companies that have transformed digitally,” said Zilingo Indonesia Country Manager Patrick Vaz.

Furthermore, Patrick shared four tips for business people to hone a strategy in the wholesale business. First , integrate your business with e-commerce . It is not only B2C who must be present online . With the situation that has existed since last year, people are increasingly aware that it is important for wholesalers to be present in the online market . This will make it easier for B2B buyers to procure goods.

Not only makes it easy for B2B buyers, you can also expand your market share by using e-commerce . In addition, you can also measure the matrix and find out the shortcomings of your business with the help of this online platform .

Second , improve customer retention. Retaining customers is essential when doing business. However, at the same time, as a business actor, you must also be able to attract new customers. One of the best strategies for acquiring new wholesale customers is to offer special promotions and campaigns.

“B2B buyers will take note of this special offer and really appreciate the additional savings they can receive when they work with you. It can also instantly increase your order, ”said Patrick.

Third, develop a business with dropship . With this dropshipping system , you can get the opportunity to meet more shop owners who are willing to sell products from your store. Customers can buy your products from online retailers or dropshippers .

Lastly , of course providing the best service for customers. Business people must be able to understand customer needs to provide appropriate services. This is very important in wholesale sales because good communication can make customers stay loyal and loyal to you.

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