The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted all business sectors, including the gym business or sports studio. The existence of restrictions on activities during the pandemic has made people reduce sports activities.

This condition certainly has an impact on professional trainers and sports instructors who work with gyms or sports studios because it is difficult to meet new customers and clients.

In response to this, the STRONGBEE sports service application provides solutions for trainers, sports instructors, and gym owners, to join in to be able to reach more customers or meet new clients.

Through STRONGBEE users can easily access various sports and health activity services through digital platforms. STRONGBEE was founded in 2018 by Farah Shanti Suraputra, but this application was only launched in 2019. The STRONGBEE service also provides access for certified professional trainers to maximize their potential by directly meeting new clients.

Bima Pandu, Co-Founder of STRONGBEE said the STRONGBEE application is very helpful for studio or gym owners and personal trainers as partners. Because the trainers can manage their schedule efficiently and flexibly. Especially with the ordering features provided by STRONGBEE which are easy for trainers and customers to use.

“The booking features we provide include one time booking or one-time booking, long-term subscription or long-term subscription at a selected gym or trainer, several payment options, a choice of virtual or in-studio or in-person classes with a choice of private or public classes,” he explained.

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With the features provided by STRONGBEE, even though the user does exercise virtually with the trainer, the user will still feel personal as if he was face to face with the trainer. However, if you want to do face-to-face classes directly in the studio or at home, it can still be done by implementing health protocols without compromising safety while exercising.

Bima also said that until now STRONGBEE is still opening opportunities for gym or studio owners and trainers to maximize their potential by being able to work together as STRONGBEE partners.

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