Bandung Advertiser – Sudut Pandang Café , Bandung, nicknamed Paris Van Java, has been known for a long time as an area with cool air and beautiful natural attractions.

It is currently famous as a place to hang out and have culinary delights with many restaurants in Bandung, cafes, and restaurants in Bandung, which are very Instagramable.

It’s effortless to find places to eat and hang out that are happening as above, starting in the Punclut, Ciwidey, Dago, Pangalengan, etc. Beautiful and instagramable modern buildings make many culinary and photo hunting enthusiasts drool to keep visiting exciting places in Bandung like this.

Sudut Pandang Café Bandung, Tourist Attraction You Must Visit

One of the newest places to eat and hang out in Bandung, which is currently popular with local and foreign visitors, is the Sudut Pandang Cafe Bandung. Sudut Pandang Café Bandung offers a Romantic Cafe for couples who join the Honeymoon Package in Bandung and has many instagenic millennial photo spots.

This cafe in Punclut Bandung has opened services since last August – September 2020. Sudut Pandang Café Bandung is divided into 2 places, namely Sudut Cerita and Sudut Rasa.

Sudut Rasa is where you will order food while looking at the scenery, and the story corner is an interactive multimedia vehicle. While, in terms of view, this hangout place in Bandung and Cicalengka Dreamland is the leading destination for visitors who want to capture it in a photo and video.

Sudut Pandang Café Bandung offers a place to hang out above the swimming pool, which is immediately served with natural views typical of the city of Bandung. This cafe, located in the peak area of ​​Ciumbuleuit, is another hit in Bandung that has successfully invited travelers from outside Kembang to visit here.

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Sudut Pandang Café

Here is the more detailed information about Sudut Cerita and Sudut Rasa that you need to know:

Sudut Cerita 

In this Sudut Cerita, visitors will be treated to 7 parts of the rides, and each piece has its charm.

  • First Story (About Exploitation of Nature)

The first story angle is about the symbolization of humans and also the conscious relationship with nature. Here, there is a kind of sensor that follows body movements, and there are plants hung by chains and artistic paintings that can be your photo background.

  • Second Story (About the Beauty of Nature)

In the second Story Corner, visitors will be treated to a room where all the walls are filled with green plants. The roof of the second-story corner is made of glass, so the room’s lighting is good. The photos here are perfect, BTG Travelers.

  • Third Story (about marine pollution)

In the third Story Corner, you will present visitors with a unique room with many paintings or decorations. Even though the room is dark, every ornament and artwork in this room looks luminous and colorful.

Here there are paintings about oil spills, decorations of damaged coral reefs, tarismali, etc. Bandung artists made all the decorations and paintings in the third Story Corner, you see.

  • The Fourth Story (about the damage that occurred on land )

The fourth story corner presents a place with the concept of human interaction with nature. Here you will enter a room where you find sunset decorations, accompanied by plant decorations.

There is also a blue ball decoration, which, when touched, will emit Sundanese drums and Japanese flutes. This blue ball indicates, what you feel determines the influence that occurs in nature. Here, because of the sunset decoration, the whole room looks red and orange.

  • Fifth Story (about pollution of the ocean caused by plastic)

When you are done hunting for photos, go to the fifth Story Corner, a space with the concept of interacting with nature under the sea. Here is an image projector with animation moving on the wall. There are plastic animations, even animations of fish swimming along the walls.

  • The Sixth Story (about air pollution)

The sixth story corner presents a glass room where the floor and roof are decorated with clouds; if you look at the top, the clouds look dim, which tells about the damage in the air.

The room has colorful decorations, so it looks very artistic, very instagenic to be a place to take pictures at a cafe from Bandung’s point of view.

  • The Seventh Story (About All the Destruction on Earth)

In the Seventh, Story Corner tells about all the damage that is on earth. The symbol of a house can describe the world that has been ravaged.

The Seventh Story Corner is the conclusion of each Story Corner in the viewpoint cafe, and all Story Corners seem to remind us to continue to take care of nature. After that, try to go up the stairs in the Seventh Story Corner room.

When going up the stairs, visitors will find a diamond-shaped glass building, which people call the Diamond Icon. After leaving the Story Corner, you will find a souvenir shop that provides T-shirts, Hats, Shirts, and so on.

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Sudut Pandang Café

Sudut Rasa

After walking around exploring all the rides in the Story Corner, it’s time for us to eat first before going back to the cafe/restaurant area from the taste angle, which consists of 2 floors.

Here, visitors can eat above or below, choose where they are comfortable.

This Bandung Point of View Cafe provides many food variations; there are western food, pasta, and even Indonesian food. Regarding the relative price, yes, some are cheap, and some are expensive for some people.

Examples of available menus include Fried Rice, Steak, Carbonara, French Fries, Salad, Mushroom Soup, various coffees, etc.

The most exciting thing about Angle Rasa is that this place has a glass dome famous on social media such as Instagram. This is a dining area, so inside the dome, there are round tables and chairs.

In this glass dome, visitors can eat while enjoying the green and beautiful Punclut area, green and fresh.

In addition to the glass dome, at the bottom, there are chairs and tables surrounded by a pool of water on the first floor. But unfortunately, to eat at this pool, you have to order a minimum of 750,000 rupiahs per table. In total, there are three water pools, and the fun thing is that you can enjoy the view here.

Because next to this pool of water, there is a transparent glass, so the view is visible.

The address and location of Sudut Pandang Café Bandung

The Sudut Pandang Cafe is located on Jl. Pagermaneuh, RT.05/RW.07, Pagerwangi, Lembang, West Bandung Regency, West Java, 40391.

It is effortless to find a cafe in this pageurmaneh area. It can be accessed by various two- and four-wheeled transportation modes, both private and public transportation. Especially now that there are many application directions such as Waze or Google Maps that you can rely on to get to the place you want to visit.

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Sudut Pandang Café

The operational hours of Sudut Pandang Café Bandung

This cafe is not a tourist spot in Bandung that is open 24 hours like Ranca Upas in Ciwidey or Cafe available 24 hours in Bandung.

Especially from the point of view of Bandung, it is a new cafe in Bandung which is still only operating. Hence, it is not well known by many people, so this Punclut Cafe’s operational hours are open to serve visitors who want to eat and hang out from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm.

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Are you interested to visit this Café? You have to! Come and try all of the food and beverages offered by Sudut Pandang Café Bandung.

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