Bandung Advertiser – Sun Date Moon Cafe , Hang out with a Tropical Concept at Sun Date Moon Cafe , The city of Bandung always presents various cafes with unique themes. Young people who like to go to cafes will certainly be very interested in the increasingly unique concept adopted by a cafe.

These cafes can be themed minimalist, simple, modern, Balinese style, western style, modern, to tropical concepts. These cafes always innovate in order to survive among the increasing number of cafes that appear with their own uniqueness.

In fact, almost all cafes always pay attention to interesting photo spots to be present in their cafe. Because nowadays it’s not only food and comfort that are used as benchmarks for a good cafe, but also how the architecture and interior design offered must be able to satisfy the visitors who come.

One of the newest cafes in Bandung which has been viral and famous since its opening is Sun Date Moon Cafe. This cafe has a quite unique and interesting concept. There are many photo spots which are definitely instagramable. The concept in this cafe is very rare in other cafes, the following is a complete review of the uniqueness of the cafe and the appeal and other information of the cafe.

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Sun Date Moon Cafe

About Sun Date Moon Cafe

Sun Date Moon Cafe is the newest cafe in Bandung that hits and goes viral. This cafe just opened in early December 2021, although it is new, this cafe has managed to attract visitors with its unique concept. This cafe has a tropical beach nuance that is bright and aesthetic.

Starting from the architectural style of the building, the complementary furniture, to the existing decorations are quite unique and very interesting.

To be able to see more details about Sun Date Moon Cafe, you can see the official Instagram account, namely @sundatemoon.bdg. His own Instagram account has been followed by 10 thousand followers, this proves that there are quite a lot of fans from this cafe.

The feed post also shows a variety of delicious dishes that this cafe has to offer. The appearance of the dishes is quite tempting to taste and of course very aesthetic especially when photographed.

There is also information about Live Music and who the singer will be filling the event is posted on the Instagram account feed. Portraits of the activities of visitors who came to the cafe were also shared on the @sundatemoon.bdg account.

In posting the feed, visitors can see examples of photos that can be a reference for visitors if they want to take pictures. There are many instagramable and interesting spots to be used as photo backgrounds, of course it will be very good to share on social media. This cafe tends to be slang and eccentric when viewed from its design.

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Sun Date Moon Cafe

Sun Date Moon Cafe Opening Hours and Locations

Sun Date Moon Cafe is always open every day from 10.00 WIB to 20.00 WIB. It would be great if you came in the late afternoon, because the sunny weather that tends to be cool will further strengthen the tropical aesthetic atmosphere raised by this cafe.

For the location itself, the full address is at Jalan Prof. Dr. Sutami No.89a, Sukarasa, Sukasari District, Bandung City, West Java. The distance from the center of Bandung City is also quite close, which is about 7.4 km from Bandung City Square with a travel time of about 25 minutes by car.

The location is quite easy to find, if you are the people of Bandung, of course you will easily find this one cafe. However, if you are from outside Bandung, you don’t have to worry, you can easily reach the cafe location using Google Maps.

Sun Date Moon Cafe Attraction

Sun Date Moon Cafe has a cheerful and aesthetic tropical beach concept. When entering, visitors will be greeted with a view of the inside of the door with a tufted curtain on which there is a statue of the head of a woman wearing large glasses with her arms crossed. Visitors can feel the invitation to chill and have fun from the statue’s aura.

After being greeted with an attractive door decoration, visitors will immediately see the road on the right and left there are hand statues and aesthetic dry grass decorations. Visitors will be immediately fascinated by the unique concept offered, on the lower floor there is an outdoor room with a mini beach concept, where wooden tables and chairs are placed on the beach sand and there is a mini beach replica on the edge.

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Sun Date Moon Cafe

This spot is one of the favorite spots for visitors to take pictures. On the second floor there are two more rooms, namely Outdoor and Indoor. On the 2nd floor outdoor room, an open concept is made with wooden tables and chairs. Then there is a kind of terrace that can also be chosen as a seat other than the Indoor and Outdoor rooms on the second floor.

The Indoor room on the 2nd floor also uses wooden tables and chairs, but the difference is that it looks more comfortable and quiet. Air conditioning is available so visitors don’t have to worry if it’s a hot day. On the wall

It also depends on various aesthetic paintings that further beautify the room.

The walls are dominated by a gray color, with furniture that is almost entirely made of wood with natural colors, this color combination is even more attractive with the brownish-colored sand on the beach. For visitors who like tropical and beach styles, it will be very suitable to come to this cafe.

Sun Date Moon Cafe Facilities

With a variety of uniqueness, appeal, and concepts offered. Of course, Sun Date Moon Cafe also offers various facilities to support the convenience of visitors. The facilities are made as complete and as good as possible so that visitors feel at home and comfortable while in the cafe.

The facilities include a parking area and toilets, for Muslim visitors, a prayer room is also provided. Then there are the best photo spots, wifi access, and of course the power outlet which is the mainstay of young people’s facilities. Then there are two floors so that it frees visitors to choose where to sit.

Furthermore, there are live music or DJ facilities which are fun for young people. Supported by AC room facilities to increase the comfort of visitors if they want to enjoy dishes in the Indoor room. Then the next most important facility is the health protocol facility, where in this Covid-9 Pandemic situation you must always obey health protocols, especially in public places.

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    The menu list provided by Sun Date Moon Cafe is also quite diverse, including the Milkshake menu category, various Tea menus, Various types of Coffee both warm or cold, then there are snacks and desserts, and for the main dishes there are Main Dishes and Rice Bowls. The price of the dish starts from IDR 25,000 to IDR 93,000.

    That’s a complete review of one of the newest cafes in Bandung. Sun Date Moon Cafe with its tropical aesthetic concept has made many young people curious. for young people who like to hangout and hunt for instagramable photos, then this cafe is perfect to visit.

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