Sustainability Trends in Fashion Business – Sustainability Trends in Fashion Business , Nowadays, sustainability has become a must for businesses in various industries. The fashion industry is no exception. Literacy on sustainable fashion must continue to be strengthened.

By Samira Shihab, Founder & CEO of Tinkerlust

In today’s era, sustainability has become a trend in many fields, including business. Most companies, both big and small, are increasingly realising the importance of integrating sustainability principles into their operations. This is not only fuelled by pressure from increasingly environmentally conscious consumers, but also by an awareness of the negative impacts that unsustainable business practices may have.

Sustainability Trends in Fashion Business

The fashion industry, which we have come to enjoy, is also one of the biggest contributors to textile waste. The United Nations has identified the fashion industry as the second most polluting industry, producing 8% of all carbon emissions and 20% of all global wastewater. It also accounts for a fifth of the 300 million tonnes of plastic produced annually on a global scale. Today, sustainable fashion is no longer just a social responsibility, but a necessity in the modern business world.

Realising that sustainability is no longer just a social responsibility, but has become unavoidable in the modern business world. By taking steps to integrate sustainability into daily operations, businesses can achieve balanced financial, social and environmental sustainability. Nowadays, the awareness to support circular economy and sustainable fashion is very important and can be done by inviting fashion lovers to carry out environmentally friendly movements, one of which is using preloved products.

Recognising the need for the fashion industry to shift from a linear economy to a circular economy, the fashion industry is now making plans and implementation strategies. The hope is that the fashion-related economy can shift to a more circular economy.

Thrifting is one step towards a circular economy. Instead of throwing away unnecessary items, reuse lowers clothing consumption, thereby reducing the industry’s carbon footprint.

Of course, sustainability is one of the key factors in safeguarding the future of companies and businesses. Firstly, it helps companies mitigate risks associated with climate change, increasingly stringent environmental regulations, and natural resource scarcity. Secondly, sustainable businesses attract more consumers who care about the environment. Especially, Millennials and gen Z are increasingly favouring environmentally friendly products and services.

In addition, sustainability can also improve operational efficiency, reduce production costs, and create endless opportunities for innovation. This is proof that achieving business goals and creating a positive impact on the environment can go hand in hand.

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    Sustainability Trends in Fashion Business

    By adopting and practicing circular economy in Indonesia, the textile industry will face many changes. By implementing circular economy practices, Indonesia will generate an economic impact worth IDR 19.3 trillion (US$1.4 billion) by 2030, the ability to create 164,000 cumulative net jobs between 2021 and 2030 (89% of which are suitable for women), help generate household savings worth nearly IDR 172,000 (US$12.1), and reduce CO2 emissions and water use by approximately 16.4 million tonnes and 1.2 billion cubic metres respectively by 2030.

    As businesses increasingly focus on sustainability, they will become future leaders in the global economy. It’s not just about short-term success, it’s about leaving a positive legacy for future generations. Sustainability is the key to a bright and environmentally friendly future. By collectively applying the principles of sustainability, we can create a better world for all.

    “As businesses increasingly focus on sustainability, they will become the future leaders in the global economy.”

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