Synergizing with Igloo, DANA Offers Protection for Gamers – DANA announced the expansion of its product offering by providing gamers with insurance coverage . This innovation is a form of collaboration with Insurtech Igloo.

DANA understands the health risks of playing games for its users. That’s why, together with Igloo, DANA presents Gamer’s Protection .

This is the second insurance product from DANA to protect Indonesian gamers from health risks related to gaming . Previously in October 2021, together with Igloo, this digital wallet also launched a similar insurance product, namely for electronic devices.

The protection plan is offered for IDR 1,000 and benefits up to IDR 1,000,000 for heart attack or carpal tunnel syndrome . Users can obtain protection for themselves or their children through the DANA application .

You do this by visiting DANA Siaga on the All Service menu, then selecting Gamers Health Protection, and pressing the Buy Now button. After that, users will be directed to choose a plan that is tailored to their lifestyle. They can fill in the data then make a payment.

The return of working with Igloo by DANA is not without reason. This is because in their previous collaboration, both of them were successful. The results can be seen from the high acceptance of electronic device insurance from users.

“We are pleased to be working with DANA again to offer insurance protection to cellular phone users. This is in line with our commitment to encourage the use of digital financial services among users in Indonesia and we hope to add more insurance solutions through this partnership,” said Novasta Novasta, Country Manager of Igloo Indonesia.

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This health insurance product was born with various researches conducted by DANA and Igloo. During the pandemic, they found a growing gaming community as well as Indonesians who tend to spend more time on their cell phones. On average, they spend 8.5 hours each week gaming . In the long term, this can lead to health problems such as carpal tunnel.

Rangga Wiseno, DANA Chief of Product added that this new protection is also in line with DANA’s commitment to continuously improve and enhance the user experience in digital transactions through the DANA application.

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    “We are aware that the game is growing rapidly, even contributing to the creative economy sub-sector in the country. Therefore, we are not only focused on providing easy digital transactions for purchasing games , but we are also taking part in protecting gamers from health risks that may arise from playing games by providing insurance available on Igloo, “concluded Rangga.

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