TaniHub Group Get Series B Funding

The agritech startup  TaniHub  Group continues to grow positively. In 2020, this startup will grow to 639%. This year, this startup has made another achievement by receiving Series B funding of Rp. 942 billion). 

This funding was led by MDI Ventures and the participation of other investors including Add Ventures, BRI Ventures, Flourish Ventures, Intudo Ventures, Openspace Ventures, Tenaya Capital, UOB Venture Management, and Vertex Ventures.

Pamitra Wineka, CEO of TaniHub said that this fund will be used to carry out geographic expansion. TaniHub will innovate with a network of mini-hub facilities and cooperation with local governments throughout Indonesia for this innovation.

“The mini hub is an effort of the TaniHub Group ecosystem to absorb the production of Indonesian agricultural SMEs and farmers, so that the food supply chain can run more smoothly. This initiative is also targeted so that Indonesian farmers can enter the export market, “said Eka.

This expansion step has been carried out in 2020. The first area outside Java Island is the presence of TaniHub in Bali. Not only that, TaniHub has also succeeded in presenting a Processing and Packing Center (PPC) to ensure the resilience of food products from TaniHub.

“With this initiative, previously disconnected agricultural sectors  and ineffective value chains can run better and more effectively. So, the national food condition can be better, “added Eka.

TaniHub Extend social impact

Following this new funding, TaniHub Group also strengthens its commitment to have a positive impact on society, especially for farmers. 

TaniHub seeks to create a fair agricultural product price ecosystem by presenting a shortened supply chain for farmers and consumers.

 “Thus, farmers have the power to provide a fair price for their agricultural products and manage the yields better,” said Eka.

Furthermore, this commitment will have a positive impact on the environment. Short supply chains have been shown to provide better commodity durability, resulting in food waste and reduced carbon footprint.

Not only that, this new funding also improves credit scoring  capabilities  in the agricultural sector. TaniHub will get stronger to provide access to finance for farmers.

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    “We will also strengthen the increase in farmer literacy through a series of workshops and financial training, so that farmers can manage their business well, coupled with good financial management,” Eka concluded.

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