Team up with RRQ, Haus! Reach the E-Sports Community

UQWO – Team up with RRQ, Thirsty! Reach the E-Sports Community , The local brand of contemporary drink, Haus! successful in attracting public interest. How not, besides the drink menu offered is very varied, the prices are also affordable. This factor can be said to be one of the strategies for Haus! in maintaining its relevance. Don’t stop there, Haus! see collaboration as an important step to implement. Haus! currently working on a number of collaborations aimed at reaching a wider market.

“We realize that now we have entered the era of collaboration over competition . By understanding the different target markets and the uniqueness of each brand, we see that collaboration brings great opportunities,” said Gufron Syarif, CEO & Co-Founder.

One of the collaborations that Haus! is to become a sponsor for Rex Regum Qeon (RRQ) which is one of the largest e-sports teams in Indonesia. This collaboration aims to reach the e-sports community which is dominated by Generation Z.

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The growth of e-sports in Indonesia is very fast. Based on reports from the ASEAN communication agency Vero and Decision Lab, currently more than 52 million Indonesians have played e-sports . It’s no wonder that e-sports are increasingly being used by brand owners as a forum that has great opportunities.

“We wish, Haus ! get to know and understand Gen Z’s character and preferences more deeply. That way, we can use it as input for making further business decisions,” explained Gufron.

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    Collaboration with RRQ is mutual in nature with partnership scopes such as support for Haus! towards RRQ in carrying out various e-sport activities , including in organizing events, tournaments, and training activities for the RRQ team. In addition, the two parties will also hold various activities ranging from playing games together or what is often called mabar, product launches, and making special edition Haus! X RRQ.

    “Haus! remains open and will explore opportunities for collaboration to reach diverse communities. For example, the sneakers lover community , music fans, and various other communities,” added Gufron.

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