Technology in the Marketing Era 5.0: Personal, Social, and Experiential

Regarding technology, the following views of Bill Gates are always interesting. The founder of Microsoft once said that technology is just a means. As a means, Gates added, the first rule of technology applied in business is that automation applied to efficient operations will increase efficiency.

In the current era of Marketing 5.0 , the use of technology has become a necessity for businesses. Given that technology can be used as a means for companies to serve their customers better. In particular, advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and so on.

There are at least three expectations that customers need from the technologies applied in business, namely personal, social, and experiential. What’s that?

Customers love it when businesses are able to understand and provide them with a personalized experience. This personalization can be done with technology to customize offerings, content, or services.

AI technology plays a very important role in this matter. AI enables companies to target smarter, deliver the right offer, at the right time and to the right customers. With AI, companies can ensure the right products for their customers. AI also creates better customer engagement . Of course, this AI-based personalization can boost their satisfaction and loyalty. Including their willingness to share data with company records can ensure data privacy and security.

image size-full">Technology in the Marketing Era 5.0
Technology in the Marketing Era 5.0

Thanks to AI, customers are able to make purchasing decisions more simply. Because, among so many choices, AI helps customers get curated choices so as to minimize confusion when choosing. In addition, customers in addition to getting personalization, also want to do their own customization.

Companies should also take advantage of technology that allows customers to have control over their purchasing decisions. In this case, technology allows co-creation or collaboration between customers and companies in creating something.


Since its existence two decades ago, social media has changed the attitudes and expectations of customers towards business. Customers trust testimonials on their social networks more than advertisements or expert opinions.

Companies need to adopt social technology to respond to customer needs as social beings. But keep in mind, creating a social communication channel is just the beginning. More important than that is building relationships and exploring deeper insights with customers through data. The role of AI is very big here.

Technology here plays a role in facilitating interpersonal connections. Technology allows users to share experiences and information with each other. Not only between companies and customers, but also between customers themselves. In other words, technology makes crowdsourcing possible .

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In the digital era, customers can evaluate companies not only from the quality of products and services. They can assess the company at all touch points in the customer journey . Therefore, the company’s innovation is not limited to the product, but the entire customer experience.

The omnichannel strategy is very relevant to answer these needs. Customers are given the best experience across all channels, both online and offline. Companies must be able to combine high-tech interaction based on technology and machines with high-touch based on human touch.

This customer experience must continue to be explored in order to find new things. This can be built with the latest technologies, such as AI, IoT, blockchain, and other future technologies.

Has the technology that your company currently uses brings personal, social, and experiential sides ?

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