Tell the Vision and Mission with a Brand Story – Tell the Vision and Mission with a Brand Story , Just like in the context of relationships, customer engagement also recognises the law of don’t know, don’t love. Therefore, in order to get closer to customers, brands must be able to present themselves as human brands. It appears like a human being who can communicate, greet, and share with its customers. One way to achieve this is by building a brand story.

With brand stories, brands can address customers in a closer, more personalised and intimate way. The storytelling method has been proven to be an effective message delivery method. With stories, brands can be present to customers without them feeling patronised or objectified. Brands and customers are positioned as equal as friends.

Brand stories have a significant role in increasing customer engagement. It is an in-depth and authentic narrative of a brand’s origins, core values, vision, and mission. The main functions of brand stories in increasing customer engagement include several things.

Firstly, it builds an emotional connection. By telling stories that describe the brand’s journey from the beginning to the present, customers can feel emotionally connected to the brand. They can feel like a part of the story and feel the values held by the brand. It’s even better when the brand becomes an integral part of the history of its customers’ lives.

Tell the Vision and Mission with a Brand Story
Tell the Vision and Mission with a Brand Story

Secondly, creating a strong brand identity. Customers tend to be more attracted to brands that have a unique and distinct story, compared to brands without a clear background. Third, it clarifies the company’s values, differentiation, and mission. Through brand stories, brands can clearly convey their core values and mission to customers.

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    With these benefits, brand stories can further encourage customers’ active involvement in the movement that has been designed. On the other hand, this will make it easier for brands to reinforce purchasing decisions. Remember, customers tend to trust brands that have a strong and transparent story.

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