undercover.co.id/ – Tencent Group through Tencent Cloud inaugurated its first Internet Data Center (IDC) in Indonesia. Poshu Yeung, Senior Vice President of Tencent Cloud International, said that this expansion is the company’s commitment to developing its business.

The digital landscape in Indonesia is indeed developing rapidly. The digital acceleration that was speeding up during the pandemic increased internet penetration which was getting faster and wider throughout Indonesia. The high need for internet is also driven by the increasingly digital industry in Indonesia.

“Indonesia has 270 million inhabitants with up to 196 million internet users. The digital economy in Indonesia is recorded to experience the largest growth in Southeast Asia once a year. Not to mention the demographic which is dominated by the younger generation. The development of internet technology is very promising here, ”said Yeung.

With the presence of IDC Tencent Cloud in Indonesia, the company is expanding its coverage to 27 regions and 61 zones. This IDC is also a way for Tencent to strengthen its position in the Southeast Asian market. Indonesia itself is listed as the fastest growing public cloud market , namely 25%.

“Indonesia is expected to experience growth in the public cloud market to US $ 0.8 billion by 2023. Tencent is trying to meet demand even before it arrives so that the digital acceleration that is happening is not hampered,” said Yeung.

IDC Tencent Cloud is located in DKI Jakarta and has started operations in April 2021. This infrastructure complements the backbone and network access of major internet service providers in Indonesia and globally. This IDC coundercover.co.id/nes Tencent Cloud’s border gateway protocol , so that the network can cover all of Indonesia.

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