jasa seo dan internet marketing
jasa seo dan internet marketing
Published On: Mon, Nov 28th, 2016

The Dark Side Of Sales Expertiseness In Our Salesman

jasa seo dan internet marketing

undercover.co.id – Shocked Fact because 80% of the sales reps who I have met and been trained, actually did not / yet have such expertness, James Gwee

This is why so many sales reps have very low success rates. They were mostly back to the office with many reasons such as, “the customer said that the price was too expensive”; “They said that they got another supplier”; “Their words were our products did not fit to their needs”.

All those were just an excuse, because the real facts from them are:

  • They do not know how to make their products more exciting, profitable, and relevant to customers.
  • They do not know how to put themselves and the products in a position where the “value” delivered to the customer is considered more than the price they must pay.
  • They do not know how to show the illustration of calculation, in which, although the product seems more expensive than the competitor’s, it turns out to be different if it’s calculated or seen from another point of views, as result, indeed, competitors’ product is more expensive. Try testing your sales reps; are they able to master the comparison calculation of cost to benefit? Try testing your sales reps; are they able to convince from the stage of features, benefits, to the relevance to the customer?

If your sales reps are not able to do both tests above convincingly and confidently, then there is a problem that exists in pricing, competitors, consumers, plus the sales reps of your company. If, in fact, your sales reps could not pass both tests, then of course there is something wrong with the way company trains its sales reps.

“You let the sales reps go to the market in where they do not know how to explain to customers about the features and benefits of the products they offer.”

jasa seo dan internet marketing

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