Basic Marketing Concepts 6.0: In The Metaverse , Marketing is constantly changing and evolving. From the era of Marketing 5.0 , namely Technology for Humanity, now towards a new era, namely Marketing 6.0, In The Metaverse. Marketers should be prepared to welcome the metaverse world that was actually just conceptualized this year.

Iwan Setiawan, CEO of Marketeers said that metaverse is the next stage of omni. The metaverse is the physical world that is recreated in the online world. Therefore, it is immersive. Because, as if people can imagine themselves in the real world, but actually in virtual, or offline in online.

“ The fulfillment aspect is actually exactly the same as omnichannel. However, the user interface at the beginning, when making transactions is different. However, not much different. Actually, this metaverse is only the next stage of evolution from omnichannel,” said Iwan

Iwan explained, there are three components of the metaverse. These components must be done if the metaverse is to be realized. The three components include:

The Enabler
According to Iwan, this metaverse is complex. There are various technological components to work on. First, the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT is a collection of sensors that capture information, then digitize it. In the metaverse world, IoT is used as the fastest way to create a 3D world that looks just like the real world.

Next up, artificial intelligence (AI). “AI in this metaverse aims to process data. Because it’s impossible to do the manual process. Then, once it has been processed, the assets are created. What kind of 3D is it made,” said Iwan.

Then, another technology component that must exist is blockchain. Blockchain is a journal that records transactions and any transfer of assets from one hand to another. The use of blockchain in the metaverse is none other than storage.

After that, the other components are Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). This component is used in metaverse as an interface. “All of these components are the enablers . With these components, the virtual world can only be run,” said Iwan.

The Economy

There are several building blocks in this component. First, the content platform or the world. In Indonesia itself, one of the companies that create content platforms is WIR Group. The company is making the Indonesian metaverse and will launch it in the near future.

image size-full">The Metaverse
The Metaverse

Second, commerce. According to Iwan, the content platform requires a commerce technology that will manage transaction traffic. When transacting, of course there is proof of purchase. This is known as a Non-Fungible Token (NFT).

“If the proof of purchase in the metaverse is NFT, cryptocurrency is used as the digital currency. Therefore, we often hear that when people talk about the metaverse, it definitely leads to AR/VR, NFT, or crypto. Just the technology with blockchain. Of course, the payment uses cryptocurrency ,” said Iwan.

Another building block , namely government. According to Iwan, every world needs a government, be it the real world or digital world and in every content platform, there must be a government.

“This government is called the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). DAO consists of a community of people managing a content platform . I call all these building blocks The Economy, because there is a government, there is a currency, a buying and selling system, there is also a world,” said Iwan.

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    The Experience

    In the world of metaverse, one of the main ones is Avatar or Virtual ID. According to Iwan, so far Avatar is only seen as an image, a cartoon face. It’s not just that, though.

    “It’s practically just a cartoon. However, what is stored in the Avatar is a digital footprint, behavior in that world, all transactions made, age, gender, demographic profile, and others. Everything is recorded and the enabler is blockchain ,” said Iwan.

    Not only Avatar, there is also digital content/assets. Iwan then gave an example with a bank that opened various digital branches on a content platform. These various branches are referred to as digital content/assets. Finally, the interaction framework.

    “Those three building blocks are what I call The Experience. In essence, the metaverse is not only limited to AR/VR as many people know. There are many other technologies that must be worked on to make and run the world,” said Iwan.

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