The Three of Tempting Digital Businesses in 2017 – In the middle of issue that the government will strictly regulate Internet-based business next year, internet business doers keep optimistic entering 2017. Andi S. Boediman, Managing Partner of Venture Capital Ideosource, predicted in 2017 there are three digital businesses will be booming. Those digital businesses included in fintech, IOT (Internet of Things), and big data or data analyitic.

“So, if anyone comes to me, said has an idea for the next Gojek or next Tokopedia, forget it,” said Andi, interviewed at the time of Tech in Asia Jakarta 2016 Conference, at Balai Kartini, Jakarta

However, e-commerce will remain in the radar of Ideosource target investment next year. Even for fair large-scale e-commerce, such as, his company dares to plunge indefinite investments. “Ideally for already sizable e-commerce we dare to invest of up to US $ 30 million,” said Andi. As for the small pioneering business, Ideosource has budgeted investment of approximately US $ 4 million throughout 2017.

Increasingly sexy fintech pioneers next year would be, surely good news for venture capital like Mandiri Capital. Along with the core business that was operated by the parent company of Bank Mandiri, Mandiri Capital will focus on financing fintech pioneers.

Eddi Danusaputro, Chief Executive Officer of Mandiri Capital, said that until the end of this year, his company will finance 4-5 fintech pioneers. While the funds has already disbursed for financing fintech around Rp200 billion to date.

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Eddi said fintech market is potential in Indonesia given the average composition of the population of Indonesia is youth. They, added Eddy, are lazy to come to the bank branch office. They prefer to do online transactions.

The Three of Tempting Digital Businesses in 2017 – foto by operamax

Eddi confirmed Mandiri Capital take different strategies from other commercial venture capital such as Ideosource. “They invest with the aim to exit within five years. We want fintech funded by us can be integrated with the bank in the long term, “said Eddi.

Regarding the regulations that will be issued by the FSA to regulate fintech, Eddi stays positive with it, as it aims to protect consumers, investors, and the sake of a healthy fintech growth. “Let all be safe. If the rules is conducted, there may be many won’t survive, and the others are healthy fintech has strong capital, good system, and great talent,” explained Eddi.

The Three of Tempting Digital Businesses in 2017 On the other hand, Andi welcomed the roadmap of e-commerce which is initiated by the government, because the map was drawn up by listening to feedback from actors of e-commerce. One of target is creating 1000 startups in 2018.

“The target of creating 1000 startups is good, because venture capital will not get involved, because of a big potential to lose. But it is indeed a duty of the government, we are funding that is already sizable,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Communication and Information Technology, Mr. Rudiantara said the government would not issue a lot of rules related to the startups. “The best regulation is less regulation,” said Rudiantara, in the event of DBS Asian Insight Conference, Jakarta (17/11).

He also dismissed the allegation that the government will certify the startups. Certification, he explained, is submitted to the relevant industry associations. “The government just ask them to register, the goal is to make it easier to provide funding,” said Rudiantara.


The Power of meme affects consumers in the internet era, pictures and videos are more than just entertainment. They can be a virus that spreads rapidly and permeate the minds of Internet users immediately.

By mid-2016, a US horror movie gained popularity very quickly in big cities of Indonesia, why? Among others reasons, thanks to the so many memes exposed on social media in various versions.

The Three of Tempting Digital Businesses in 2017 – foto by luna maya official website

Demon figure that should be scary actually became funny and be the object of bully for meme circulating on the internet. The effect was undeniable, cinemas in Indonesia were fully packed with teenagers and young adults somehow influenced by the meme to watch that horror movie.

Elaborating the above case, the meme has demonstrated its position as the new face of art in the digital era as its significant ability to create the new digital culture. Now, the memes is already flooded various internet platforms, either via e-mail, messenger, and social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The majority of modern memes which is now going around are pictures or images modified in such a way giving the funny impression or showing ridiculousness of human behavior, since the content is able to attract the attention of consumers much faster than the ‘heavy meme content. Other memes can take the form of video or verbal expressions. And the minority memes have heavy and philosophical contents.

Meme and the Marketing World

Meme in the context of actual marketing is one of the main manifestations of viral marketing. Traditionally, viral marketing has its part to make the consumers enjoy their ads without realizing.  a marketer should be able to understand the trend that is hits in the social media world, popular words to type and spread, and even the popular character that is happening right now.

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Do not forget, of course, creating memes that are funny for people, so you can lure them to watch and voluntarily spread the memes to others.

Further, he said, besides the technical matters, the marketers should study the problems to catch targeted audiences, the audiences’ interest about the “ad material” topic through memes, and behaviors that come up after the ad appeared in the form of meme. Another thing that may be overlooked in the meme is a matter of ethics, privacy, and copyright of the characters, the writing, the words are used.

Finally, marketers should have the perfect strategy, so that ‘the meme ad’ does not backfire the brand. Meme’s world is not just full of nature to motivate or support, but also filled with mockery and derision. Being the object of bully in social media does not always have a negative impact. For instance, a celebrity like Syahrini, although many of her haters make fun and mock her, but it is increasingly making her popularity go up.

But it can also occur on the contrary, ridicule from netizens make the brand flop its image and even make consumers no longer want to consume your brand. Therefore, be careful; do not get the netizen make a meme from the meme of your brandThe Three of Tempting Digital Businesses in 2017

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