The Viral Park 2018 “Rabbit Town”

The Viral Park 2018 “Rabbit Town”

Lately we have been told some issues about Rabbit Town. Yes the park or tourist area is quite viral which is indeed a controversy with issues tilted by the netizens.
Rabbit Town itself is one of the swafoto tourism sites in Jalan Rancabentang No.30, Ciumbuleuit, Cidadap District, Bandung City, West Java.
A white house with a row of rabbit icons in front of it on this long holiday seen in assault visitors. Not a few tourists bring with her family.

Ticket price

To enter the location of Rabbit Town, you must pay entrance ticket Rp. 25.000, in addition you also have to fill the balance on a special card (access card) provided by the Rabbit Town.
The card can then be used to pay for some selfi tourist sites and some food inside Rabbit town. The balance that is filled depends on the quantity that visitors want. If the balance is exhausted, visitors can refill / top up in the booth provided.
The reason is not a little spot that visited swafoto must spend your money. Some People claimed to have to spend Rp 65.000 to enter and take pictures ria in some spots in the place. “Yes it is quite, all the way from Jatinangor, every person was out Rp 65.000 rich,” he said.
When entering Rabbit Town, visitors who have pocketed tickets will be greeted someone costumed rabbit icon. This figure is often a hunt visitor to take pictures together.
To find out the spot swafoto visitors can see a map that is drawn on the entrance wall or can ask directly to the information center which is right in front of the entrance to the Fantasy Land.
In Fantasy Land itself visitors can directly see the collection of arowana fish that supposedly known as “fish god”, precisely in the location of Dragon Fish. A large aquarium that accommodates 168 arowana fish that can be enjoyed by visitors. In Fantasy Land there are also some swafoto spots provided, such as in Sticker Room for example.
This room is two rooms containing a colorful round sticker with a varied scale attached to the white walls of the room. Colors on the sphere that became the attraction of visitors to berswafoto in the spot.
But to enter this room, visitors must spend Rp 10,000 – Rp 15,000 per person, and they must open shoes and wear socks when entering the location. Later visitors are also allowed to attach colorful stickers in the room.
In addition, in Fantasy Land, for visitors who love shopping can also see store knick knacks and clothes around like in Hollywood Land, Gift Corner, New York, and Lala Land store.
Down to the Adventure Land location, a number of spot swafoto can be found by visitors such as Love light that carries contemporary art with 88 rows of white pillars with lights on it.
The spot that opened for free is a favorite place for visitors. They can be happy whenever at this location. But to get a better quality of photos, we recommend taking photos in this location is done on weekdays.
The reason is in this long vacation a lot of visitors who berswafoto. Moving to the other side of the visitor can find a breeding arena with colorful houses for rabbits called Rabbit Farm or Rabbit Villa.
Children can play alongside the rabbits and feed them, even visitors can also buy the rabbits. At that location, visitors can only spend money of Rp 15,000 to feed the rabbits.
Some facilities belong to this viral area, among other things:
1. Jungle Arena
2. La store
3. Love light
4. Ice cream museum
5. Dragonfish
6. Love lock
7. Arderic tree house
8. Hollywoodland
9. Lala town playground
10. Cookie monsters
11. Koi garden
12. Bambi love
13. Dove garden
14. Lala story and many others

Unique Facts about Rabbit Town Bandung Considered Plagiarism

Nowadays more and more exciting and cool holiday locations in the country, which could be your choice to remove fatigue from the all-round routine. One that is being warm so the conversation in social media is Rabbit Town.
Ranging 30 days after the official opening, the location of this tour directly steal the public’s attention, you know.
Why Rabbit Town can directly hits and how attractive tourist destination in West Java this? Consider first deh seven facts below:

  • Rabbit Town becomes a new choice destination in Bandung

Rabbit Town can enter your new travel destination while visiting Bandung. Located on Jalan Ranca Bentang, Ciumbuleuit, Cidadap, Bandung, Rabbit Town began to be visited by tourists since the beginning of February 2018 ago. Wahananya very Instagramable make people more curious.

  • Provides 16 interesting and instagenic rides

You will be satisfied with 16 exciting destinations in Rabbit Town such as LA Store, Museum of Ice Cream, Love Lock, Hollywood Land, Cookies Monster, Lala Story, Dove Garden, Koi Garden and many more. The concept brings several holiday themes that exist abroad. So kayak in LA Store, you will ngerasain Los Angeles Bandung version so.

  • Inaugurated directly by West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan

Ahmad Heryawan with his wife present and signed the inscription of the inauguration of Rabbit Town. Well, already support from the government, ya.

  • Managed by Group Awe.

It is known that the tour that became the youngster’s subscription is managed by Amazed Group under the leadership of Hendry Husada. The management of this new tourist location is quite neat and professional.

  • Visited the celebrities, athletes, to the program

Celebrity couples Ashanty and Anang Hermansyah also not miss a visit to Rabbit Town. In addition, members of the House of Representatives Nurul Arifin, footballer Kim Kurniawan, and Isabella Imanuela also did not want to miss the hype of this new tour. As a new tourist destination, Rabbit Town really managed to steal the public’s attention. Are you there yet?

  • Prices are affordable admission

To enjoy the holiday destinations in Rabbit Town, you only need to spend at least Rp 25 thousand for top-up e-Card filling terms. After filling your e-Card balance, you are free to enjoy some interesting photo rides. The tariff of each vehicle ranges from Rp 10-15 thousand.
There are also some handmade goods outlets that can be the fruit of the hand. Relax, if your e-Card balance is excessive, then you can make a withdrawal at the exit.

  • The issue of plagiarism that is being so netizen conversation

Hits and many uploaded on social media, some rides in Rabbit Town reap controversy regarding copyright. The reason, some concepts that presented Rabbit Town similar to some tourist destinations abroad. Among them as in the Museum of Ice Cream, Los Angeles, United States, as well as in Patricco Sticker Room, Singapore.
In addition to landmarks, there are also some installation works that are considered similar works of certain artists, one of which is the work of Yayoi Kusama. What do you think it is?
Now that’s an interesting fact about Rabbit Town. When are you planning to come here? Access is quite easy from downtown Bandung, you know. You can also find other interesting tourist destinations like Rabbit Hole in the vicinity. It could be your long weekend destination later this month.

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