The Vital Role of Good Leadership – The Vital Role of Good Leadership , The role of leaders in organisational dynamics is crucial. They need to continually learn how to effectively manage teams and demonstrate mobilising leadership.

Entering the era of rapid digitalisation requires teams and leaders who are able to adapt and contribute to the sustainability of the company. A good leader who can manage a team, according to Maxwell (1997), is a leader who can influence a group to achieve a goal. Great teams have the same goal, there is cooperation, good communication and commitment. If applied in an organisation.

There are many key aspects that a leader brings to an organisation. The competence of a leader can directly affect the ability of team members to develop and collaborate within and outside the organisation. In addition, communication in organisations is also very important, especially two-way communication. As a leader, he or she must be able to position the communication style, both when in contact with the team and or with business partners.

Running a business requires discipline within the organisation. Leaders must make personal changes to themselves, before asking others to change. Successful leaders not only say what to do, but must also understand every detail of what they tell their subordinates to do. Discipline in the organisation is the beginning of a culture, if discipline has been established it will make the team on the path of attitudes and behaviours that have been set by the company.

The Vital Role of Good Leadership
The Vital Role of Good Leadership

In addition, a good leader must have a clear understanding of the purpose and vision of the team or organisation he/she leads. Being able to articulate these goals to team members will help in achieving mutual success. Ensure open communication between superiors and subordinates, as well as between co-workers. Clear and open communication helps avoid misunderstandings and build healthy relationships in the workplace.

In my team, I always remove barriers with the levels in the team, the goal is simple, namely so that discussions in terms of work or outside of work will feel smoother if verbally without intermediaries. In addition, open communication can also eliminate negative assumptions between teams. The application of weekly reports that are shared with all members is also a habit in the team so that if any part of the team is experiencing difficulties, other teams can help.

After building communication and competence, it is necessary to build a conducive work environment. Make sure the work environment is comfortable and safe and facilitates the team at work. According to Bambang Swasto’s Journal (2014), if the work environment is good by paying attention to the work environment, both the physical work environment and the non-physical work environment, thus, employee performance will certainly experience an effective increase.

In addition, the work environment needs to provide opportunities for employees to develop their skills and careers. In the organisation I lead, I always support members who want to upgrade themselves by joining relevant training programmes, workshops and certifications. The reason is that this can help increase employee motivation and strengthen the team going forward.

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    A good leader also needs to recognise and appreciate employees’ contributions. Publicly recognise good achievements and encourage a culture of appreciation in the workplace. This can increase employee motivation and satisfaction. During meetings, I always appreciate the team’s performance so that it can encourage other members to be motivated to work more optimally.

    However, it is also necessary for a leader to create a positive work culture where good work ethics, collaboration, and mutual respect between departments. Avoid a culture that focuses on criticising or blaming each other. If there is conflict in the organisation, handle it wisely and in a family manner. Give space for all parties to speak, listen to their perspectives, and find fair and win-win solutions to improve team communication in the future.

    Lastly, building a shared commitment either between the board to management, or management to officers. Every line in an organisation must be inline with building a shared commitment to move the company forward. Commitment here is not always in relation to work, but also in aspects outside of work. Facilitate the balance between work and personal life of employees. This can involve flexibility in work schedules, opportunities for balanced leave, and a healthy approach to stress management in the workplace.

    Providing such facilities can encourage commitment within the organisation and train the team to be accountable to that commitment. Building team commitment also requires understanding the needs of the team, including physical, social-emotional, mental and spiritual needs. Commitment is always accompanied by trust between leaders and subordinates. To be able to create commitment and trust, good communication is needed. Therefore, leaders and members must be willing to sit together and harmonise each other’s paradigms. Finally, commitment must be built from both directions, namely from members and leaders.

    In the company ecosystem that I lead, I always prioritise these aspects so that based on the data, turnover at can be said to be very low. Employees feel comfortable working and I always pay attention to the details of employee performance so that promotions in this company run according to the employee’s tenure.

    I have a main behavioural principle in relationships with anyone “treat others the way you want to be treated”. If this principle can be adopted and interpreted well, a culture of mutual respect will be created. Furthermore, in a professional context that prioritises synergy, the principle of “team success is more important than personal glory” should be applied. These two principles will support each other and make daily life in the company enjoyable.

    During meetings, I always appreciate the team’s performance in order to encourage other members to be motivated to work more optimally.

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