undercover.co.id/ – Sometimes you want to be renovating your apartment even your apartment has been furnished just like Azalea serviced apartment suites Cikarang. Azalea serviced apartment suite is an apartment that is built according to Zen philosophy so do it can be suited for Japanese ex-pat preferences.

Unlike other apartments, Azalea serviced apartment suites Cikarang give you the serenity you looking for. There is a special Onsen Japanese spa as well as Spa to make you feel comfortable more to stay in Azalea serviced apartment suites Cikarang.

You might need to do some renovation in your apartment unit since you want to make your apartment feels like your home in Japan and the facilities that Azalea serviced apartment suites give to you isn’t enough. But there are few things that you might be considered before you make decision to make few changes in your apartment.

1.      Budgeting

Buying an apartment isn’t pricey enough compared to renting a home or staying at hotels but if you wanted to make some changes in your apartment your budget is the first things you might be thinking of.

 According to one of source, renovating a studio type apartment in Indonesia can spend as much 40 million rupiahs or nearly 274 US Dollar. It will be higher if you stayed with your family due a small family usually need more spacious apartment than a studio type one.

However it depends on the furniture and the builder you choose. You can do several tips below to saving more on your money:

  1. Do the reparation works by yourself;
    1. Buy secondhand with a good quality;
    1. Do market research on online marketplace;
    1. Hire a professional builder on the nearby village instead of hiring an architect. However if you feel unsure about your renovation, seek an advice from a professional is a good idea as long as you have extra money to spend;
    1. Brand is nothing compared to the goods function;

2.      Planning

 You’ll need to make a plan towards making a budget proposition, choosing furniture and deciding to hire an architect whenever you wanted to make several changes in your apartment. Making a plan not only makes your work way easier but also it can saving your money since you are prohibited to buy any other things that didn’t on your list.

Other plan you need things further about it is do you need a renovation work if you used your apartment temporarily? However people tend to use apartment as a temporary homes and moving into a landed home whenever they’re ready. If you are an expat, you must be thinking to move to other country despite staying along in Indonesia but there is no wrong doing if you make your apartment in Indonesia more comfortable to you.

3.      Know how your waterworks

According to houzz.com.sg[i], knowing your waterworks is an important thing. Because you need to tell your builder how to cut your water and power system only without leaving your neighbors live in dry.  Especially if you hire a builder outside from your apartment building staffs.

However Azalea serviced apartment suites have a bunch of trained maintenance staff who ready to help you 24/7 a day. You just need to call them whenever you need any renovation whatever is a major one or small one.

4.      Your apartment developer provisions

Apartment isn’t like in land housing that you can makes changes so much as it possible. You need to talk to your developer about what you can do and what you can’t. Because despite you have a rights to make your own home in your apartment, there is few things that you can’t do such as repaint your apartment’s wall, making an extra bathroom and etc. It will disturb your neighbor rights for sure.

5.      Asking your neighbor permission

In Indonesia social interaction among neighborhood is an important thing even if you lived in an apartment. As I said before, your apartment renovation will disturb your neighbor since it makes a loud sound.

It will be a good thing if you have their permission before you start renovating your apartment. You and your family will gain their respect also if you do this kind of things especially if your neighbor is Indonesian. Whenever in the future you need help, they can be the first man whose help you due their respect on your attitude towards Indonesian culture.

6.      Parking permission

You need to thinking about your builder parking space before you begin to make a major renovation in your apartment. It is necessary to do since parking lot in your apartment might be exclusive for the building residence and have limited spaces.

7.      Time is a key

Your renovation work will take a time, obviously. So, you need to things further about your place to stay before you find your apartment work done. Instead of stay in hotel while waiting your apartment renovation, it will be a good idea if you just stay in your home country and come into Indonesia after your apartment is ready.

Besides your time, you need to think further about your fellow apartment resident times. Please check on your neighbors profile before you begin your apartment renovation. Do your renovation at 8 am if your apartment fellow residence is an office worker because at that time most of them are already out of bed and go to work.

Renovating your apartment is a good idea to makes your apartment suitable to your home dream. However, apartment isn’t like in land house so you need to think these lists above before your renovation begin.

 If you stayed in Azalea serviced apartment suites Cikarang during your work in Indonesia, the apartment trained maintenance staff and developer will help you whenever you need to renovate your apartments unit. So do you can feel comfortable and enjoy your living spaces after your work in Indonesia.

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    Things You Might Know Before Working in Indonesia        

    Culture shock is one of social gap that might you feel if you lived and worked in Indonesia since you are a Japanese people. This often happens because expats from Japan do not know about the real situation of their place of work in Indonesia.

    This article aims is to provide you more information about Indonesia and Cikarang. So you will feel less culture shock.

    1.      Religion is one of important part of Indonesian’s lives

    According to Pangestu (2018) [i]in her undergraduate thesis, Japanese expat in Cikarang tend to surprised to see Indonesian people were quite religious since in their home country, religious thing isn’t quite important. Currently, most Indonesian women wearing head scarf called hijab or jilbab and barely have skin ship to a man who not their family.

    Because the resident of Cikarang mostly is a moslem, probably you will rarely find pork or beer in Cikarang’s Japanese restaurant or you can find beer in few restricted hour.

    2.      Most of Indonesian people do not speaking English well

    Language is still one of barrier if you work in Indonesia. Despite English already became most used language in the world, Indonesian people remain using their mother tongue alongside Indonesian in several occasion. English is just their third language.

    Language is became a barrier especially when you aren’t speaking English as well. But if you stayed in Azalea serviced apartment suites, you no need to worry because this apartment has staff who can speak Japanese to help you.

    Inside the building of Azalea serviced apartment suites, there is AIM High Language School. You can learn more about Bahasa Indonesia and Indonesian Language there until Language is no longer barrier in your career.

    3.      Traffic jam is everywhere

    Cikarang is 50 Km far away from Jakarta, Indonesia biggest city but like Jakarta, Cikarang is full of traffic jams. So, you need an apartment that close to your work place to avoid any traffic jams.

    As you know, Azalea serviced apartment suites is just 6 KM away from Jababeka Industrial City and 5 KM away from MM2100 industrial town. This distance you can cover with your car within 15 minutes.

    Azalea serviced apartment suites also has a free shuttle bus that can escort you to your work place while you still working on your driving license here.

    4.      As a foreigner, you can’t buy any land yet

    Even though you are running on money, you cannot buy any land here according to Indonesian agrarian law in 1965.  You can buy apartment only for 30 years until 50 years and your apartment status is on strata title ownership.

    5.      Indonesia only has 2 season

    Unlike Japan, Indonesia only has 2 season it is dry season and rainy season. 5 respondent of Pangestu’s thesis said that they miss Japanese winter since Cikarang weather is hot and dusty. Despite Indonesia has 2 season, dry season is likely appears in Cikarang.

    So, if you decided to work in Cikarang, you should looking for an apartment with a zero problems on it air conditioner so you can stay cold in your apartments unit. Maintenance staff in Azalea serviced apartment suites ready to help you 24/7 if you have a problem on your air conditioner or fan.

    6.      Food, food and food

    Cikarang has a lot of Japanese restaurant but you should be aware about their menu tastes. Apparently, the taste of Japanese cuisines in Indonesia has undergone many adjustments.

     Indonesians foods and cuisines is spicier than Japanese. We recommend you to try few Indonesian food such as Bakso, Chicken Satay aka Sate Ayam and Nasi Padang.

    To help you to feel more customized in Cikarang, Azalea serviced apartment suites service include Japanese breakfast. Not only breakfast, Azalea serviced apartment suites has Hana Mori restaurant that can give you Japanese cuisines anytime you need it.

    Nonetheless, if you want to try Japanese food outside the apartment building, there are a lot of Japanese restaurant in surrounding area. We already gave you the restaurant list to help you traveling around.

    7.      Culture

    The word of culture here is to pointing out about few Indonesian habits that different from Japanese. The habit is:

    1. Indonesian people rarely come to office on time. Apparently we do not appreciate our time as much as Japanese does;
    2. Indonesian people known for their friendliness and smile. Maybe you can find it is strange at first when people smile at you when you walked around him, but believe us that is our way to greet you even though we don’t know you;
    3. Indonesians like to litter. Unlike Japanese people who love cleanliness, Indonesians look do not care about their street cleanliness;
    4. Indonesians love to gather around. Social live in Indonesia is one of the most important things. We do love to gather with our friends, neighbor or our colleague just to speak about nothing and joke around. If you want to have an Indonesian friend, you better drinking and gather with us. Please don’t be embarrassed by the language barrier, Indonesians will help you through it for sure.

    To help you get through your culture shock and home sickness in Indonesia, Azalea serviced apartment suites give you facilities that remind you about your home. These facilities is Japanese Onsen and Spa, Japanese TV channel, Japanese speaking staff alongside English speaking staff, Japanese restaurant and Japanese apartment room design. In Azalea serviced apartment suites, your neighbor will be expat as well so you no need to worry about your social life after coming in Indonesia. Happy Working!

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