This Company Shows Its Business Not Just Merely a Tagline

Categories: English Business –  The best marketing is a marketing that embody and convey its message to the audiences. For Biocoop – the first organic food retail in France – it means a commitment to using environmentally friendly methods of marketing in each element.
This retail brand challenged ad agency of Fred & Farid Paris to create an ‘organic’ ad campaign that fit with their business DNA. Therefore, not only produces and sells healthy and environmentally friendly foods, more than that, they want to raise awareness to protect the environment through the process of making an environmentally friendly ad campaigns.
Its two-minute ad shows a process of creating ad campaign that is environmentally friendly. With sincerity to safeguard the planet, Biocoop left the mainstream advertising production process which left many carbon footprints.
To take a picture, Biocoop used a pinhole camera.

Pinhole camera is a simple camera without a lens and has only one aperture. Practically, this ‘primitive’ camera only relies on sunlight. Not only that, voice recording for this ad was done only once and transport for any activity, Biocoop used bicycles.
Theoretically, the less usage of electrical power in the creative process means getting a smaller amount of carbon footprints to left behind.
Not to mention, to make a poster, Biocoop used natural dyes from plants. Posters no longer in use were reused as shopping bags. What’s more, Biocoop’s website appears in the form of ASCII text that overall total data capacity is only 3MB.


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As a result, the production process only spent 5.9 tons of carbon dioxide. Sounds a lot? Whereas, the total was three times less than the ad production process in general. By presenting a case study like this, Biocoop showed the audiences and consumers that during the 25 years of their business, it is not just a tagline, but total commitment to protect the environment. Well, do you have a commited brand?

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Get More Than 2 Million views, Once Again Thailand is Offering Ad that Make Spectator’s Heart Melts

Still remember the heartwarming ad from Thailand entitled ‘Giving’? This time True Move – cellular phone Company from Thailand – which released the ‘Giving’ presents its latest ad work entitled ‘Compassion Is True Communication’.
Still with the theme of humanity, this time True Move sets the background on World War II in the latest ad.

This Company Shows Its Business Not Just Merely a Tagline

This Company Shows Its Business Not Just Merely a Tagline – fotoby marketing

‘Compassion Is True Communication’ tells the story of a child of a veteran father, visits an elderly woman who helped his almost dying father when he became a prisoner of war.
Since rescued by the woman, her Father attitude has changed for the better. He becomes more gently, generous by donating his money, and helping others. Those attitude changes are noticed by his child. That is precisely what encourages the girl to visit the elderly woman and asks her about what she had done so her father totally changed one hundred eighty degrees.
This Company Shows Its Business Not Just Merely a Tagline Only with her body language, the elderly woman replies that, at the time, she braved out herself reached her father’s hand. As simple as that, compassion can change many things, including the attitude of a father who was so hard to reach to be a full of affection father and dedicated his life to humanity.
This ad, that became viral and has been watched over 2.2 million views since its release on April 30, is part of the True Move campaign titled ‘The True Meaning of Giving’, which also received support from charity groups in Thailand.
This recent True Move’s Advertisement has the goal for the charity campaign. As a brand, that marketing strategy is also strengthening True Move’s image in the minds of audiences. In the other hand, it seems the company is stuck with the campaign theme of ‘giving’ for several years.
Regardless of those above, the delivered message of this advertisement is strong enough. “When the heart is giving without asking for a reply, no need word even though we differ in race, language, community, ideas and cultures … in the end, only the heart that can communicate and connect us with everything, because the heart is the real form of communication,” wrote True Move.

This Girl Showed A Heartbreaking Make Up Tutorial

This video does not like makeup tutorial in general. From the first second, the creation of Ogilvy & Mather ad shows video star that has an unusual face appearance – if it may be called heartbreaking. Like the other makeup tutorial videos, a girl named Reshma gives instructions on how to apply eyeliner in detail; starts from relaxation pose to applying eyeliner correctly.
Coming to the end of the tutorial, Reshma then revealed the most important tips, “you can get eyeliner for 100 rupees anywhere. But, did you know that you can get sulfuric acid for 30 rupees? “.
“This is why every day the girls become victims of acid attacks,” she continued. By this public service announcements entitled ” Beauty Tips by Reshma: How to Apply Eyeliner”, she then invited the audiences to sign a petition banning the counter sale of acid freely.

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Seeing the 18-year old girl gives a tutorial step by step with calm face wrapped in the remnants of violence, it seems so clearly depiction of sadness, creates a disturbing contrast in the minds of the audiences, but that’s what makes these PSA are so powerful and clear.

For your information, in India, acid attack cases are getting into the spotlight along with the increasing number of cases. Based nonprofit agency site, Make Love Not Scars, India annually reports 1000 cases of acid attacks, in which the victims 90% are women – Reshma one of them.
The matters of cheap price and the ease to get it in the common market in India are to blame as the triggers of many such cases. April this year, The Times of India reported that the Indian government was developing a software to track anyone who use the acid and its intended use.
However, the effort from the government seems not powerful enough because it is so easy and so cheapie to buy acid in India. Because of those reasons, buying acid is like buying instant noodles, or as you can say, it is as easy as snapping your fingers.
So far, the petition has been getting 65,000 signatures and this public service announcement has been viewed more than 120 thousand times. Reshma also appears in the similarly themed public service announcements titled “By Reshma Beauty Tips: How to Get Perfect Red Lips” that has been viewed more than 700 thousand times. This Company Shows Its Business Not Just Merely a Tagline

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