jasa seo dan internet marketing
jasa seo dan internet marketing
Published On: Wed, Nov 30th, 2016

This Company Shows Its Business Not Just Merely a Tagline

jasa seo dan internet marketing

undercover.co.id –  The best marketing is a marketing that embody and convey its message to the audiences. For Biocoop – the first organic food retail in France – it means a commitment to using environmentally friendly methods of marketing in each element.
This retail brand challenged ad agency of Fred & Farid Paris to create an ‘organic’ ad campaign that fit with their business DNA. Therefore, not only produces and sells healthy and environmentally friendly foods, more than that, they want to raise awareness to protect the environment through the process of making an environmentally friendly ad campaigns.
Its two-minute ad shows a process of creating ad campaign that is environmentally friendly. With sincerity to safeguard the planet, Biocoop left the mainstream advertising production process which left many carbon footprints.
To take a picture, Biocoop used a pinhole camera.

Pinhole camera is a simple camera without a lens and has only one aperture. Practically, this ‘primitive’ camera only relies on sunlight. Not only that, voice recording for this ad was done only once and transport for any activity, Biocoop used bicycles.
Theoretically, the less usage of electrical power in the creative process means getting a smaller amount of carbon footprints to left behind.
Not to mention, to make a poster, Biocoop used natural dyes from plants. Posters no longer in use were reused as shopping bags. What’s more, Biocoop’s website appears in the form of ASCII text that overall total data capacity is only 3MB.


fredfarid – fotoby fredfarid.com 

As a result, the production process only spent 5.9 tons of carbon dioxide. Sounds a lot? Whereas, the total was three times less than the ad production process in general. By presenting a case study like this, Biocoop showed the audiences and consumers that during the 25 years of their business, it is not just a tagline, but total commitment to protect the environment. Well, do you have a commited brand?

jasa seo dan internet marketing

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