This What Bank BRI Do A Transformation Towards Digital Banking Era – Bank BRI desires to continue advancing updates on technology for the features of products and services to customers as well as promoting the rapid growth of the Bank BRI network, which has created an urgent need for communications networks.

For that reason, Bank BRI launched a financial satellite named BRIsat in mid 2016. This launch made Bank BRI as the first bank and the only one in the world that owns and operates its own satellite.

The impacts of BRIsat launching has begun to reach the customers of Bank BRI, one of impact is the usage of communication network by BRI Digital.

One of BRI Digital which is located in Terminal 3 Ultimate of Soekarno Hatta for example, is a digital outlet of Bank BRI with the latest technology that serves all the needs and demands of transaction, information about banking products as well as updates  on finances, investment, e-commerce transactions and other needs.

BRI Digital manages to well-integrates multiple banking services by providing several facilities, including Transparent Glass Interactive (OLED), Hybrid Machine, Smart Table, Cash Recycle Machine, Video Banking, E-MSME Interactive, E-Board, Media Wall Interactive and Online Banking.

As a commitment to encourage SMEs by utilizing the latest technology, BRI also creates “Teras BRI Digital” (BRI Digital Terrace).

The Terrace is a transformation of conventional BRI terrace. ‘Teras BRI Digital’ is promoting digital services to customers and strengthen neither the traditional market community and marketplace.

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The difference between the conventional Teras BRI with ‘Teras BRI Digital’ is about employment of frontliner such as Teller and customer service, in other words, in ‘Teras BRI Digital’ traders and customers are invited to involve in using technology, which is using the e-channel in the form of Electronic Data Capture (EDC) and PC Touchscreen on the basis of self-service.

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Applications are usually done manually with paper, but ‘Terrace BRI Digital’ is using e-Form, programmed in a tablet PC.

Ther are several huge other changes such as only one Bank BRI personnel that will help the customers, called a Banking Assistant. While visually, the appearance of Teras BRI is quitely changed. As we know for many years, it has the traditional nuances on the appearance, then ‘Teras BRI Digital’ displays not only the traditional concepts but also with modern touches and hi-tech.

‘Teras BRI Digital’ comes with the application of e-Pasar BRI. e-Pasar BRI is a marketplace providing facilities and services, such as updated information on prices and the stock of market commodity either local, regional and national targeted for market traders and buyers who become customers of Bank BRI.

Furthermore, using e-Pasar BRI, the customers can also make transaction of buying and selling by online and even can display their SME products virtually using video mapping technology.

Wants to Compete and Win, Banks Should Do It!

The rapid development of information technology leads the changes in lifestyle and behavior in society. What do the banks need in order to win the competition?

There is no doubt that the pace of technology development brought a significant impact in behavior changing in society.

For now, distance and time seems borderless. The dynamics of people life and activities is no longer limited by space and time. If 10 years ago, people work for eight hours a day, now it won’t be the same. Work activities can be done anywhere and anytime, 24 hours a day, as long as connected to the Internet.

This currently happening condition also changes the behavior of businessmen. They have obligation to constantly innovate to respond the changes that occur if they do not want to be left by their consumers, including the innovation in sector of services.

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As the principle in the banking industry, the service of providing 24 hours a day have to make the process manageable, either easy to access by customer or easy to do banking transactions using Internet technology.

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In general, banking services continue to transform over the times and over the needs of people. Bankers have been trying to improve the service from time to time. As the matter of fact, the banks are very concerned to evaluate the services, either through the branches or via the digital products in the virtual as well as through contact/call centers.

Yuliana Agung, CEO Carre-CCSL, explained that today the banking services increasingly more sophisticated and has the standard of world-class.

This What Bank BRI  Do A Transformation Towards Digital Banking Era One of the reason is that the local banking industry players hold and cooperate with foreign banks as  partners. As  Bank Niaga does with  CIMB. Other examples, NISP holds OCBC, a bank from Singapore, as well as the Mandiri, which is cooperating with AXA through bancassurance.

She Added that, with their “marriage” or cooperation, there are two things going on. First, internally, the services at the bank will be upgraded/ improved in terms of service delivery. While the second, externally, giving a good and trusted image.

Moreover, developing high-quality services take many years and a long-term commitment. According to her, there are some banks with top management have the long term commitment to build this customer satisfaction. This kind of commitment is then made the banks strive to and consistently build infrastructures and human resources to provide the best service to their customers.

Besides that, the role of the decision makers in considering the conditions that occur as changes in consumer behavior is also very important. According to Juliana, the decision makers should begin thinking about long-term period of 5 to 10 years ahead, because there will be discontinuity with their customers.

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She pointed out that the development and advancement of internet technology also the new applications in a gadget (smartphone) currently make customers getting easier to have the services for 24 hours with the complete facilities at their preferred bank.

In the consequences, the existence of the branches which has limited operational time of 8 working hours makes it being uncomfortable for customers.

Additionally, Up until now, he asserted, what  a customer need is a convenience services for 24 hours a day, because of the changes in people’s behavior or lifestyle. They are now getting more mobile or spending more working hours at home or outside the office.

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Therefore, to win the market competition, Yuliana re-emphasized the importance of understanding the changes occuring in today’s society, which are changes in lifestyle, in economic income, as well as in the need for convenient services.

According to her, the banks that are taking a bold risk by putting investment in the IT sector, particularly in the infrastructure setting up, to achieve the indicators of convenience, certainly will win the competition and take and hold a promising future of profitability.

“When you get convenience, customer will get you profit, the customer will be happy, the customer will stay with you and will satisfy customers,” ended Yuliana This What Bank BRI  Do A Transformation Towards Digital Banking Era

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