After trying to adapt to the pandemic throughout 2020, in this new year many companies are trying to recover from the impact of COVID-19. Country Director of Google Cloud Indonesia Megawaty Khie said that companies that managed to rise were companies that were not only concerned with the consumer experience but were also able to predict changes in consumer habits.

It is very important to quickly adjust the steps the company will take. The following are three trends that company leaders can consider to encourage business recovery and success in 2021 and beyond.

Every Business Needs a Digital Platform

Customers from various industries are now demanding digital platforms. In fact, health care providers need a platform that is secure and has an extensive network to support patient needs digitally.

Such services are already known as telemedis services ( telemedicine ). Meanwhile, in the retail sector, there are many companies that use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to provide better online experiences for customers.

AI and ML are the main elements of business strategy

“In order to stay agile in times of uncertainty like today, businesses must continue to learn and innovate even faster. The use of technology such as AI and ML will play an important role in extracting meaningful insights from the data set , ”said Megawaty.

He added that the banking industry is also investing in AI to increase personalization, provide insights related to financial well-being, and manage risk better. Even industries that haven’t used AI and ML can start experimenting with technology to create a more customized experience from anywhere.

Companies Should Try New Ways of Working

In a new normal situation , there is a need for a work environment that is hybrid . Therefore, innovative companies must think about how employees collaborate, how to support a front-line workforce, and how to quickly digitize the customer experience.

The current situation needs to be used by many companies to make changes for the better. Regardless of whether the changes are comfortable or not.

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