How Can TikTok Content Influence Purchase Decisions ? – How Can TikTok Content Influence Purchase Decisions ? TikTok Indonesia released the results of a recent survey which stated that content on the platform can influence consumer purchasing decisions. This can be used by well-known brands to make sales through social media.

Sitaresti Astarini, Head of Business Marketing for TikTok Indonesia said, based on the results of a survey conducted as many as 85% of users on TikTok agree that advertisements and entertaining content can be enjoyed. In the end, this content will make it easier for brands to deliver messages that have an impact on purchasing decisions.

“When we see content that is entertaining or entertainment content , our minds will be in a positive mindset . When in these conditions, receiving advertisements or messages from brands will be greater and consumers will be more receptive to these messages. Not only receiving messages, but also taking action based on the information received,” said a figure who is familiarly called Resti in a virtual press conference in Jakarta, quoted on Tuesday

The survey results do not stop there. Most TikTok users agree that the platform is the number one entertainment service in Indonesia. Most of the content produced is in the form of interesting stories that are packaged interactively, both from brands and consumers.

As a result, said Resti, eight out of 10 users agree that video content on TikTok is considered sufficient to influence purchasing decisions. In addition, seven out of 10 users agree that something that will become trending in the future departs from TikTok content.

“The results of the interviews we conducted with users showed that the TikTok platform was the number one for entertainment content issues . Here, the nature is not only entertainment that only laughs but can also be interesting story telling ,” he said.
Resti added that during 2021 there were at least three categories that had the most demand compared to 2020. The categories were beauty, fashion, and electronic products.

Then, for products that experienced the highest growth in demand, including books and stationery. Demand growth reached six times compared to previous years.

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Followed by household electronic equipment such as refrigerators and washing machines with a growth of 4.4 times. Then, the third place is occupied by household equipment with an increase of 4.2 times.

“Our survey illustrates that there are three things that influence people to buy through TikTok. First, there is a discount coupon with a percentage of 53%, free shipping is 52%, and 52% of TikTok users are affected by product reviews from customers,” he concluded.

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