Fashion and entertainment industries cannot be separated. The two industries complement each other either in the form of content content or part of the aesthetic of the content. In terms of development, both of them have grown together with the same trend. With the development of technology, the roles of these two industries are increasingly filling each other and opening up new opportunities.

TikTok looks at fashion as interesting content to develop. In the early fashion week season of 2021, TikTok has successfully partnered with a number of world-renowned fashion show organizers to echo its title. A number of fashion brands have even succeeded in building interactions with their consumers during the fashion week through TikTok.

“TikTok tries to provide access to the keator community to display their work, in this case their fashion design. As early as 2021, we have proven that TikTok can be an effective communication channel for luxury fashion brands. This means, it can support rising fashion brands that want to increase brand awareness , “said Angga Anugerah Putra, Head of User and Content Operations for TikTok Indonesia.

To support the development of fashion content, TikTok presents four challenges . First, the before and after transitions that can inspire fashion and makeup looks . Second , TikTok-style fashion inspiration that can be a source of ideas to mix and match or create new fashion designs. Third , the inspiration for TikTok-style makeup which complements your appearance. Fourth , old makeup trends vs makeup trends 2021 to compare makeup trends to provide new inspiration.

Furthermore, all of these challenges are part of the TikTok Fashion Month program during March. Uniquely, this program is carried out in many countries. Angga claims this program can inspire content and a look for TikTok users with a wider scope.

“TikTok is working with a number of well-known fashion players and organizers, such as Paris Fashion Week and the British Fashion Council. Also with a number of well-known brands, such as Barliasmara, Dear Me Beauty, and singer Rahmania Astarini to enliven content and various activities, “added Angga.

This new program runs from March 1 to 28, 2021 with various hashtags to enliven the content. TikTok will also present fashion shows from various brands with challenges with prizes for creators

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