HQLINE Tips for Filling Marker Ink Smudge-Free

HQLINE ID – HQLINE Tips for Filling Marker Ink Smudge-Free and Durable , how to fill marker ink without smudging in the hand and durable , HQLINE as refill ink marker share this usefull tips. Do you often use markers in your work? If you are a teacher like me, then a marker is one of the tools that must always be available in good condition at all times. When teaching in class, the presence of markers becomes absolute as a whiteboard partner for writing.

Although usually a plastic dropper is provided on the marker refill ink packaging, I personally tend not to use it because often I can’t predict how many drops of ink are needed (not too few so that they run out quickly, or too many so that they drip out of the tip of the marker’s eye). and ended up getting my hands and clothes dirty). I prefer to use crackle bags. Yes .. crackle bag, can be used very effectively to refill your marker ink.

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Tips on How to Fill Marker Ink with Crackle Bags (Smear-Free and Durable)

What are crackle bags for? Use a crackle bag as a glove to prevent ink from smearing and as a work mat when refilling your markers. For this you need 2 crackle bags (may be new, may be used, the important thing is that it is clean and not perforated). Here’s the full way:

Open the back cover of the markers that you want to refill. Note that the markers that will be refilled still have good markers (the part for writing), not hard, dry, and not broken.

Open the back cover by using the plastic bag in your right hand. The job of opening the back cover is probably the most annoying job because it can make your nails damaged and blackish because the ink stains are tucked under the nails, so you can be helped by using the tip of scissors or other thin objects that are strong enough so you don’t need to use nails.

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Tips for Filling Marker Ink Smudge-Free and Durable

  • After the back cover of the markers is open, take the ink sponge that is in the marker stick by tapping it on the other cracker bag that has been spread on the table (so that the remaining ink on the sponge does not stain your work table.
  • Take the sponge by holding and pulling it using your right hand which has been lined with a plastic bag.
  • Dip one end of the sponge into the bottom of the ink bottle, turn the sponge over, then dip the other end of the sponge into the refilled ink bottle. In this way we can make the sponge wetter and work faster when compared to using the dropper provided in the refill ink bottle packaging.

In addition, it is guaranteed that you will not drip excess ink into the sponge above the absorption threshold. If you drop too much ink, the excess ink that is no longer absorbed by the sponge will drip onto the eye of the marker. Even more dangerous, if this happens after the marker has been sitting for a while, so when you open the marker cap, the unabsorbed ink droplets can spill on your shirt because you don’t know there is any remaining ink on the marker cap.

Put the sponge back into your marker tube, pay attention to the front end has a little hole on the end of the sponge, you should pay attention to this so that the installation of the sponge is not reversed.

Close the back of the marker tightly.

Place it in a container where the markers point downwards. This is important so that the ink is always on the bottom close to the markers, so it’s always ready when you need it. Remember not to put the marker in the opposite position (close the eye of the marker facing up). Earth’s gravitational force will help the ink down towards the marker’s eye.

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Additional tips for using markers

Separate markers that have started to run out of ink in separate containers, so you can quickly find out if you are running out of ready-to-use markers, so you can refill them immediately when you are not teaching.

Close your markers tightly so that the caps don’t come off easily to prevent the evaporation of marker ink, which not only makes the ink dry, but also damages your markers and ink sponges because they lose their capillarity (absorption capacity).

Put the marker cap when writing on the back of the marker, so that the marker cap doesn’t come off easily and you can quickly close the marker when you’re not using it.

Those are tips on how to fill markers with refilled ink without having to be messy and durable. Do you have any other better or easier way? Please share in the comments column. Greetings.

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