Tmall Global Bridges Businessmen to Enter the Chinese Market

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Alibaba Group’s Business to Customer (B2C) marketplace platform , Tmall Global presents new solutions to help global businesses enter the Chinese market. Business people of all sizes can easily enter the Chinese market through Tmall Global thanks to the streamlined on-boarding process .

Registration on Tmall Global can be done via a new self-service portal on the platform, and the store can be operational in just 30 days.

“In China, e-commerce platforms such as Tmall Global have become the main choice for buyers to purchase foreign products. Through the newest Official Operating Service , merchants can easily launch their brand at Tmall Global, “said a representative of Tmall Global in a written statement

In addition to a streamlined on-boarding process , overseas brands and retailers will also receive special consulting, content and operations support, and additional services through Tmall Global and a network of partners from around the world.

Tmall Global will also launch programs at the regional level to further support merchants wishing to explore the Chinese market.

China Annual Import Product Consumption Growth Touches 76%

According to the results of Deloitte’s research entitled China’s Imported Goods Market Research in 2019, the value of consumption of imported products in China experienced an annual growth of 76%.

This trend opens opportunities for foreign brands to start businesses through online channels . Tmall Global data shows that more than 29 thousand brands from 5,800 categories have appeared on their platform at the end of December 2020. Interestingly, more than 80% of these brands entered the Chinese market for the first time.

Not wanting to lose out on opportunities, Tmall Global, which positions itself as a platform for global business people and Chinese consumers, offers various operational solutions. It aims to help overseas merchants find the right business model to attract Chinese consumers.

Tmall Global provides Tmall Overseas Warehouses or Tmall Overseas Fulfillment (TOF) solutions that are designed to directly meet consumer demands. This solution can be tried by global businessmen who want to try out the potential of their products in the Chinese market.

“This model helps brands maintain inventory flexibility, while reducing logistics and storage costs. The year-to-date GMV TOF growth has increased by almost 200% during the nine months ending in December 2020, ”wrote a Tmall Global representative.

In addition, Tmall Global also provides sellers with access to various sources of content marketing . This is to help them present a stronger value proposition.

These resources present a number of collaboration opportunities with influencers or short video and livestreaming vendors that can help sellers interact with Chinese audiences, while simultaneously delivering a higher brand value .

The merchant recently can also enjoy the storage and delivery of first mile, insurance overall, as well as supply chain financing system.

“With a comprehensive range of quality and comprehensive offerings, Tmall Global has succeeded in fulfilling new demands of consumers along with increasing interest in imported products, new products, personalized products and limited edition products. The number of brands and merchants at Tmall Global as of September 30, 2020 has experienced double digit year-over-year growth , “concluded the representative of Tmall Global.

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