The COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on traditional business activists in Indonesia. To survive, they need to transform to a digital platform. Tokopedia sees this and seeks to accelerate the digital platform for traditional business activists through Tokopedia Partners.

The Tokopedia Partner Ecosystem continues to make it easier for business activists, shop owners, grocery stores, and similar businesses to develop their businesses in the midst of a pandemic through the use of technology. Through this use, Tokopedia hopes that business activists can contribute to boosting economic recovery.

Astri Wahyuni, Tokopedia’s Director of Public Policy and Government Relations, said that Tokopedia believes the key to dealing with the pandemic is collaboration. Therefore, Tokopedia is collaborating with the Indonesian Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs to strengthen the digitization of warungs through signing a partnership.

“Together with the Ministry of Cooperatives and Indonesian SMEs, we are helping to digitize stalls by providing information on how to enter and market products through Mitra Tokopedia. We also help in branding, and how to register a Business Identification Number (NIB) which can be accessed on the Tokopedia application,” said Astri in a virtual Tokopedia event entitled Celebrating the 3rd Anniversary, Tokopedia Partners Intensify Digitization of Stalls in Indonesia, Tuesday (02/02/2020). 11/2021).

Furthermore, Teten Masduki, Minister of Cooperatives and SMEs RI said that the perpetrators of Micro, Small and Medium Units (MSMEs), including warungs, have the potential to have a significant impact on national economic recovery. Therefore, the Indonesian Ministry of Cooperatives & SMEs continues to strive to support the acceleration of digital technology for MSMEs through collaboration with various stakeholders, one of which is Tokopedia.

“We hope that this collaboration can improve digital literacy and shop owners who are members of the Tokopedia Partner ecosystem. “The role of digital platforms and MSME players is enormous for the sustainability of the Indonesian economy, especially to be able to survive and rise in the midst of a pandemic,” said Teten.


John Hadiwidjaja, AVP of New Retail Tokopedia explained the benefits that Mitra Tokopedia has presented to shopkeepers. According to Tokopedia’s internal survey, nine out of 10 sellers experienced an increase in weekly profits, an average of more than 50% after joining Mitra Tokopedia.

In addition, about 80% of sellers make Mitra Tokopedia as an additional business. According to John, they did that to help financially during the pandemic. Not only that, 60% of sellers can also enjoy the convenience of the Wholesale feature on Tokopedia Partners.

“Through Mitra Tokopedia, warung business activists can run their business more efficiently. With this increase, many of the sellers claim that they can improve their well-being, even in the midst of a pandemic,” said John.

John also added that the Tokopedia Partner does not only provide benefits to business activists, but also to the wider community. Nowadays, they can easily fulfill their daily needs, even at a more affordable price.

The public can get basic food products through sales partners who take advantage of the Tokopedia Partner Wholesale feature. In addition, they can also make online payments at the nearest shop that goes to Mitra Tokopedia.

“People can make various payments, ranging from taxes, electricity payments, BPJS, PDAM, and many more through stalls registered with Mitra Tokopedia. The high enthusiasm of the community has made many warung activists able to develop their businesses,” added John.

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It doesn’t stop there, Tokopedia’s efforts to help shop and grocery store business activists. Tokopedia also has Friend Partners, which are representatives from Tokopedia who have the task of helping, fostering, providing information and problem solutions to sellers at Mitra Tokopedia.

“Most of the Tokopedia Partner sellers find it helpful to have Buddy Mitra. Through Sobat Mitra, they benefit from knowledge in terms of using the Tokopedia Partner application. In addition, they also feel inspired to continue to increase their income at the warung after reading Mitra Tokopedia’s article,” concluded John.

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