Tracing Given Fun Live Profession Backpaker

UNDERCOVER.CO.ID  – Tracing Given Fun Live Profession Backpaker  |  Nowadays, quite a lot of people who like activities of traveling to new places of interest. Not infrequently they choose backpacker way to save even more. In fact, some are dependent to be a backpacker.

Someone who has not only a mere profession backpacker “Bumming” to different areas without the provision of sufficient funds, but there is passion in it. Nowadays, in fact the world backpacking offer something more, namely a professional opportunity that must not be underestimated. Here’s his review.

Backpacker, Between Passion and Profession

When asked whether being a backpacker could do everyone? Actually for doing so is not too difficult. Everyone can become a backpacker without having to worry about losing their livelihoods. However, the record, not all of livelihood can be done while traveling.

The main factor that helped the backpacker’s could still earn revenue source is the internet. With the internet, they are able to interact directly with all parties. Whether it’s public or deal directly with publishers of books, magazines or online site owners.

From there, the backpackers can get the job they dreamed about. Many are already doing this. Those who love to travel dong certainly know the name of the Trinity, a successful woman with the book series The Naked Traveler hers. Even Trinity also has completed a walk around the world Round the World (RTW) is done for one year.

There are also other names, namely Dina Rosita and Ryan Koudys which is known as duaransel. Married couples Indonesian and Canadian nationals. Noted they have traveled to dozens of countries in the world in the last four years. Both were traveling with only rely backpack.

So how they can get their money to travel around the world? Dina and Ryan arguably do extreme measures to achieve it. They are willing to sell all his possessions in order to become a true backpacker. As a result, they say that all the place is home.

Tracing Given Fun Live Profession Backpaker   In terms of jobs, Dina and Ryan also rely on laptops and internet. Dina is a graduate of ITB become a travel writer. While Ryan still perform their daily activities as a programmer. Of course, the type of work they can do because they are not required to visit clients or office.

To socialize, both Trinity and two backpacks also rely on the Internet as a primary means. Each has an account on some social networks they use to interact with the community. By doing so, both names became known, and not infrequently they are also a speaker in a writing workshop.

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Undergoing Profession Opportunity BackPacker

Then, if it can also be followed by the general public? Certainly could. Because of the requirements to become a travel writer like Trinity and two backpacks were actually not too heavy. There is no such thing as does the interview when applying for a job. There are some conditions must have an IP above 3.0 or must have graduated from leading universities in the country.

Being a travel writer could do with capital courage. See how Dina and Ryan who dared leave their prosperous life. See how they dare to sell his apartment located in Canada. See how they dared to mention that all the places he visited as a home.

But being a travel writer is not an easy thing. There are several things that must be owned by a travel writer. Gola Gong in the book Te-We (Travel Writer) mentions that a travel writer absolutely must travel. Thus, a travel writer has a different point of view than the general population. Furthermore, a travel writer can also present a paper which makes readers are very interested in these remarkable destinations.

Furthermore, Gola Gong also wrote that the travel writer can express various things in his results. Whether it’s about the region, travel destinations, tourism excellence, hotel, local culture or even about himself. Not to forget, the travel writer can also freely write writing perjalanannnya with his favorite viewpoint.

From this it can be concluded that a travel writer could do a job anywhere. This job can be done without having to look at a person’s level of education. This task does not require high qualifications. This job can be done with just the willingness and courage to keep on learning.

In addition, a travel writer who can not face to face directly with the client also must have a high level of confidence. Not that after becoming a renowned travel writer who, like the Trinity, for example, you can avoid fraudulent practices. In his Twitter account, Trinity also admitted that he had also cheated and ends she does not get a salary from his results.

Lastly, the facility is also a matter that must be considered by a travel writer. With no way of working with clients, it is an effective way to communicate is through the internet. Especially when we can see easily access the Internet in various parts of the world with various types of communication. Whether it chat, voice calling, voice chat and more.

Hopefully review as well as a few stories above could be an inspiration for those who might also have a passion in the field of backpacking or even for you have another backpacker profession throughout the world. Let’s go see the world guys.

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In addition we present the following inspiring video interview of the Trinity, a true backpacker native Indonesia. Tracing Given Fun Live Profession Backpaker  

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