Ade Irma Suryani Traffic Park is a recreational park in the heart of Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. In addition to the park and playground, here also used as a training center to read traffic signs.

The Traffic Park has the sense that a traffic park or a children’s park traffic is a park where children can learn the rules of the road. A traffic park is also called a village park transportation or park traffic or safety depending on the locale.

Traffic parks are often created as an attraction in larger parks. In other cases, they are disposable gardens and often on a small scale. They can be found in both urban and rural areas.

Children of the minimum age (10 years old in some cases) are allowed to use a pedal-powered bicycle or car to navigate the streets and operate in accordance with traffic rules.

Sometimes they share the train with their parents, who can provide guidance because they are garden circles.

Typically, parks of road and street-wide traffic versions are comparable to smaller vehicles. Often they include traffic signal operation and during busy times even staff with traffic police.

One of the goals of a traffic park is to increase traffic safety awareness among school-aged children. Many traffic parks allow children to experience on the journey at crossroads and with bicycles or other pedestrian safety challenges in a highly controlled environment without real motor vehicles.

Traffic Parks Over the world

Traffic parks exist throughout Asia, Europe, North America as well as Indonesia. Traffic parks in Asia and Europe are focused on traffic safety through pedal-powered vehicles. In the United States and Canada they use bicycles as well as electricity, motor vehicles.

Parks in North America are called safety villages, due to the wider emphasis on fire safety, electricity, food and other educational purposes.

In Indonesia, traffic parks are created due to awareness of traffic safety awareness. This awareness is introduced from an early age by playing. It is expected that from this facility the safety awareness will be improved. From an early age, already concerned about the rules on the road.

At Talenta School, Bandung provided traffic park facilities for students. The facilities provided for introducing and expected to increase awareness of the traffic order and continue to carry into adulthood and transmit discipline to adults.



Background naming the park

Therefore, in the area whose name carries the name of the regions in the archipelago, the park is called Insulindepark.

This recreation park after the events of the September 30th Movement was transformed into Ade Irma Suryani Nasution Traffic Park, the name of the eldest daughter of General A.H. Nasution who was once Commander of the first Siliwangi Division, before becoming Kodam and then Kodam III / Siliwangi.


This place used to be the center of command of the Dutch East Indies defense in the archipelago, not just the Paleis Legercommandant building that has changed functionality into the headquarters of the Regional Military Command III / Siliwangi.

Gedong Department van Oorlog or Department of War which by the people there called Sabahu Building because it is built on a land of sabahu (0.7 hectares), now has become the headquarters building Command.

The two buildings are located on Aceh street and Kalimantan street which is also the northern and eastern boundary of an open field. To the south is limited by Belitung Street and to the west is limited by Sumatera Road. This open field was originally a training ground for Dutch troops.

But after the new field was built which is now the Siliwangi Stadium, the place was abandoned. Open land is then used as a park.

Establishment of Traffic Park Ade Irma Suryani Nasution

Mr. H. Nazaruddin SH, Chief of Traffic Police of Bandung (circa 1950) and Chairman of the Traffic Security Agency (BKLL) of Bandung branch, Chairman of the Foundation / Foundation Board of Traffic Park Foundation “Ade Irma Suryani Nasution” (YTLL-AISN) from 1958 – 2007.



About Traffic Park Function

1.Recreational Functions :

It is a recreational park that can be enjoyed by the general public and Traffic Park is also a place or means for recreation and relax for every family, while on vacation and be delighted by breathing fresh, comfortable and safe air in the Traffic Park, equipped with facilities educational and safe toys for children to enjoy, with the motto “Play While Learning”.

TLL is annually visited by ± 250,000 people.

The recreational facilities contained in TLL-AISN are as follows:

  • Mini Train
  • Mini Bike Arena
  • The entertainment stage
  • carousel
  • Children’s Swimming Pool
  • Children’s Fishing Pool
  • Car battery
  • Fun Game Train
  • Motorcycle Train
  • Flying fox
  • Stationary toys
  • Sport Kids
  • Playground
  • Steel tank
  • Swing
  • Statues
  • Seesaw
  • Spacious, shady yard furnished with Garden chairs, adding to the cool, comfortable atmosphere more orderly that every visitor can enjoy.

The energy directly involved in both of these functions is ± 33 people consisting of hygiene personnel & counter attendant. Power that is not directly involved in the function is 4 people.



2.Park City Functions

Park area of 3.5 hectares in which there are ± 1000 trees and many flower gardens, including many rare trees that we continue to care and preserved its existence, for so great benefits for environmental comfort and public health Bandung and West Java community in general.

3.Education Function

Educational Function, as:

  • Education Park is an area / place for the implementation, extension activities and Traffic Safety Education (PPKLL). With CAMEJASA’s flagship material (How to Cross the Street for Safe) is provided actively and periodically and free of charge (FREE). Since 1992 until now (in 2007) has been submitted to ± 630 schools ± 3,260 teachers ± 80,000 students covering the city of Bandung, Bandung regency, Cimahi city, Cianjur and Yogyakarta regency.
  • Kindergarten (TK), since 1992.
    To the TLL-AISN Kindergarten students are also given the Program of Counseling and Education of Traffic Safety (PPPKLL)
  • Play Group Park (TKB) / playgroup.
  • Mini streets equipped with mini traffic signs, etc. What children can enjoy as learning about traffic rules.
  • Billboard traffic signs, as a traffic board for every visitor.
  • Cottage Read TLL

A reading park that can be enjoyed by TLL visitors for Free. Pondok read in collaboration with Rotary Club Bandung Kota Kembang in providing reading catalog.


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