Twitter Hacked, 5.4 Million User Data Hackers Sold Rp 447 Million

Twitter Hacked, 5.4 Million User Data Hackers Sold Rp 447 Million , The Twitter microblogging service has security holes that hackers or hackers take advantage of, to steal personal data from its users. A total of 5.4 million Twitter account user data entered in the black market trading personal data by hackers.

In addition, the vulnerability also allows hackers to track someone’s Twitter account via email address or phone number. In short, hackers can track who owns the ‘second account’ and ‘alter account’ on Twitter.

The Twitter security vulnerability, stemming from an update the platform made to its programming in June 2021, was not detected until earlier this year. The loophole was exploited by hackers for several months to exploit the vulnerability.

Twitter said it had patched security vulnerabilities in its platform. “It has no evidence to suggest someone has taken advantage of the vulnerability,” the company said.
This data leak was first reported by Bleeping Computer.

The report said there were around 5.4 million user data that were reportedly leaked and sold on dark forums at a price of US$ 30,000 or around Rp. 447 million (exchange rate of Rp. 14,929 per USD).

Twitter Hacked
Twitter Hacked

Twitter said the leak existed without the company knowing. After learning that user data is being sold on dark forums, the company analyzes and confirms that the data actually belongs to users of the microblogging service .

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    Even so, the actual number of user data leaks has not been revealed, because the leaks and hacks occurred without Twitter knowing. The company also said it would notify users of this incident.

    In the meantime, the company advises users to use Two Factor Authentication (TFA), to prevent further hacks from occurring. Additionally, the company says users are more wary of displaying information such as an email address or phone number on Twitter, and only shows that information to accounts that the user recognizes.

    Social media is the platform that apparently accounts for the highest percentage of data leaks in total data leaks in 2021. ForgeRock Consumer Identity Breach Report 2022 says social media accounted for 41% of data leaks that occurred in 2021.

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