UNIQLO Supports SMEs to Develop Business

How UNIQLO Supports SMEs to Develop Business , Japanese retail company PT Fast Retailing Indonesia (UNIQLO Indonesia) reaffirmed its commitment to supporting Indonesian SMEs through the UNIQLO Neighborhood Collaboration program. This program is held with the aim of improving people’s lives through the growth of Indonesian SME businesses that play a role in the recovery of the national economy.

The UNIQLO Neighborhood Collaboration Program is a form of UNIQLO Indonesia’s support for local business players, especially SMEs, so that they can continue to grow in various ways. One of the ways to do this is by helping promote local products with a wider scope and by collaborating with SMEs.

“The UNIQLO Neighborhood Collaboration Program is in line with the three main pillars of sustainability promoted by UNIQLO, namely People , Planet and Society .

Through this program, we strive to play an active role and significantly contribute to the welfare of the people in Indonesia by embracing local wisdom, generating the retail economy and encouraging economic growth in the area around SME locations,” said Irma Yunita, Corporate Affairs Director of PT Fast Retailing Indonesia (UNIQLO Indonesia). ) in the company’s written statement.

In this program, UNIQLO Indonesia presents an installation in the area of ​​UNIQLO Indonesia stores that displays several products and information from local SMEs that have been selected through a curation process. During the process, UNIQLO Indonesia works closely with the local Industry and Trade SME Cooperatives Office as well as the Regional National Crafts Council to highlight the characteristics of their respective regions.

In addition to helping promote and collaborate, UNIQLO Indonesia also continuously provides training for SMEs to improve their competitiveness in marketing their products. Until now, the UNIQLO Neighborhood Collaboration program has been present in 25 cities in Indonesia with a total of more than 210 participating SMEs.

This program is reviewed once a year to provide opportunities for more local SMEs to become part of the UNIQLO Neighborhood Collaboration program.

“This UNIQLO Neighborhood Collaboration Program is expected to be able to open up opportunities for collaboration between local SMEs and large-scale businesses so that they can compete in the domestic and global markets and have a positive impact on the Indonesian economy,” said Irma.

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