UQWO – Outdoor advertising or out-of-home (OOH) seems to be starting to be popular again by brands after people’s mobility in 2020 is very tight. Brands are also competing to present creative ideas to steal the public’s attention. One quite unique idea came from a billboard advert from Flip, a financial technology or fintech company .

After hosting the wedding reception for the winner of the #FlipSeliveSemati campaign, this consumer payment platform gave the winner a new surprise. Today the company put up a Flip billboard in Depok announcing that the winner of #FlipSeliveSemati was officially married to Flip.

The winners of #FlipSeliveSemati, Annisa Fauziah and Johan Aris Haiva, held a wedding party in Bali on Sunday, February 27, 2022, after successfully winning the #FlipSeliveSemati program and receiving a wedding fee of Rp. 100 million from Flip.

Not just a show off or an event to seek exposure, the presence of this giant billboard carries a message about nature and the environment. Adhitya Insan Mahaputra, Brand Marketing Manager of Flip said that Flip wants the idea of ​​a wedding with an environmentally friendly concept initiated by two environmental activists in Bali, Annisa and Johan, to inspire and be adopted by other Flip users and the wider community who will hold a wedding reception.

“Hopefully, the way of delivering Flip billboard advertisements that are full of creative, unique, and fun messages to invite others to have a good impact on the environment is easy to accept and imitate,” said Adhitya.

On the way when competing, the couple Annisa and Johan beat more than 400 brides from all over Indonesia who had submitted the video “Cerita Cinta” and the marriage proposal #FlipSeliveSemati. This program is intended for couples who get married on 1-28 February 2022.

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The Annisa-Johan couple was chosen as the winner because of their unique wedding plan and commitment to environmental conservation. Annisa revealed that the concept of eco-friendly , ecology and economic friendly reflects Annisa-Johan’s vision and at the same time invites invited guests to be more concerned about environmental issues.

“Long before the #FlipSeliveSemati program, I thought that weddings wanted something simple and as much as possible using recycled or reusable items,” said Annisa on the sidelines of her wedding reception in Bali, Sunday (27/2/ 2022).

In a wedding with strict health protocols implemented today at Geo Open Space, Badung, Bali, Annisa wore a dress made from upcycled sheets with a simple design made by conventional tailors. It aims to reduce the abundance of fabric/textile waste.

Likewise with wedding souvenirs in the form of glasses from used glass bottles and written with lasers. There are no plastic flower decorations, all of them are native plants from nature, some of which are roses imported directly from local farmers. The food menu is in the form of traditional Balinese dishes with local ingredients and cutlery from natural materials, namely woven bamboo.

“In Bali, hotels always change bed sheets or sheets. If a 5-star hotel or luxury resort has a standard after 500 washings, it must be replaced. This creates waste as well as opportunities for social entrepreneurship. This is one of the things I’m working on as a business as well as educating the public about environmental care,” said Annisa.

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    Not only implementing an environmentally friendly wedding party during the event’s reception, the couple will also collect organic waste left over from the wedding to be used as compost.

    Flip chose the Annisa-Johan wedding concept as the winner because it is relevant to current conditions, namely the increasing attention to the impact of climate change and environmental sustainability. The company, which has received Series B funding of US$ 48 million, has also highlighted environmentally friendly lifestyle choices that can be implemented by all levels of society, including in organizing wedding receptions.

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