Vaseline Hijab Bright Aims for Hijabers

Vaseline launches Vaseline Hijab Bright, a series of body skin care products that are specially formulated for hijab users. Through the presence of its first product, Vaseline Hijab Bright All Day Radiant Cooling Serum, Vaseline wants to support hijabers to be #FreeGerah

Amaryllis Esti Wijono, Head of Skin Care Unilever Indonesia explained, Vaseline believes that everyone has the right to have healthy and well-groomed skin so that they can explore and maximize their potential. This is what underlies Vaseline to innovate to answer various more specific body skin care needs, such as hijabers .

“In addition, more than half of Indonesian Muslim women use the hijab in their daily life. Through the launch of Vaseline Hijab Bright, we want to help hijabers escape the ‘hot’ moments – both physically and emotionally – that can prevent them from growing,” she said.

Regarding physical stifling, dr. Irmadita Citrashanty, Sp.KK mentioned, keep in mind that everyone needs a moisturizer to keep the skin hydrated, prevent premature aging and wrinkles. Unfortunately, not a few of the hijabers are reluctant to use moisturizer because they feel it will add to the heat and a sticky feeling. This is because the evaporation of sweat on the skin surface of the hijabers is more limited.

“In addition, another problem that often arises is the unpleasant odor due to the mixing of sweat with bacteria that accumulates under closed clothing. Therefore, hijabers need body skin care products that are specifically developed so that they are free from physical stifling while providing freshness throughout the day, “he added.

Vaseline Hijab Bright All Day Radiant Cooling Serum which was launched has the advantage of helping Indonesian hijabers from being physically stifling. Furthermore, the physical stifling experienced by hijabers often increases with emotional stifling.

Ayoe Sutomo, M.Psi., Psychologist, explained, “Women wearing hijab are often faced with a series of expectations, ‘demands’ and judgments in society, both in their daily lives in the real world and on social media. This condition often adds to their mental burden, limits their space for movement, and prevents them from trying to become the best version of themselves. Encouragement is needed so that Indonesian hijabers are able to manage their emotional heat, so that they can comfortably explore and reach their potential.

By carrying the positive message of #BebasGerah, Vaseline invites all hijabers in Indonesia. The product launch and the #BebasGerah message were felt to be very relevant by one of the inspirational hijabers , Aries Susanti Rahayu, a national rock cli athlete and world record holder who recently won a gold medal in the 2020 Papua PON event.

“I believe that the innovation of the Vaseline Hijab Bright product range and the #BebasGerah message can support Indonesian hijabers to dare to move confidently and think more positively. With healthy, well-groomed skin and a happy heart, hijabers will be able to take advantage of opportunities to have a better quality of life, without limits,” he said.

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