Online fraud by manipulating identities is a problem that is rife in the digital world. Therefore, there is a need for education from the government and strategic partners regarding how to protect digital identity, so that all online transactions and interactions can run safely

.Responding to this, PT Indonesia Digital Identity (VIDA) together with the Indonesia Cyber ​​Security Forum (ICSF) presented a virtual VIDA X ICSF Media Clinic event entitled The Role of Secure Digital Identity in Increasing Trust in Fintech. This event presents various speakers who will share insights related to the use of digital identity.

Ardi Sutedja, Chair and Founder of the Indonesia Cyber ​​Security Forum (ICSF) said that online fraud is the most common problem. This is because a person’s digital identity has the potential to be misused by cyber criminals.

“There are still many people who don’t know how to protect their digital identity. This is a problem that has been happening for a long time, but few people understand how to reduce the risk of this problem,” explained Ardi.

Then Novel Ariyadi, Co-Founder of the Indonesia Cyber ​​Security Forum (ICSF) explained that there are three factors that make the digital world a conducive place to commit cyber crimes. These three things are digital identities that are easy to manipulate, easy to duplicate, and locations that can be hidden.

“There are still many cases of digital identity manipulation. In the digital world, with just a few clicks people can change their identity. In fact, it is not impossible that they have many identities,” said Novel.

Novel also said that in the digital world, there are three parties that manage digital identity, namely users, identity providers, and regulators. Therefore, in the digital world, users must be more vigilant and have a safe online behavior. In addition, the regulator must be fair and firm to the organizers and users. Identity providers must also be responsible and competent with users’ personal data.

“Digital identity involves three parties in the process of building trust in the online world. All parties must be responsible for building a sense of security when transacting digitally, including identity providers. Therefore, choose an identity provider that has been certified and is truly proven safe,” Novel added.

Sati Rasuanto, CEO and Co-founder of PT Indonesia Digital Identity (VIDA). According to him, safe online behavior is not only for users, but also must be obeyed by all parties. Given that data protection is now a concern for platform and financial technology (fintech) users.


“Data protection is still a concern for the digital platform user community, including fintech. Therefore, education about secure digital identity needs to be encouraged by all parties. That way, the risks that occur, such as online fraud, can be mitigated,” concluded Sati.

Sati also said that VIDA as an Electronic Certification Provider (PSRE) can be used as a trusted layer that can help users behave safely in the digital world. Because, VIDA has been proven safe and licensed under the Indonesian Ministry of ICT and registered with the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

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“With the ability to verify fintech user data, authenticate and sign digitally, VIDA has a strategic role as a trusted layer that not only provides a sense of protection when transacting digitally, but also helps users behave safely in the digital world. This sense of security is crucial in building a digital economy ecosystem, considering that fintech activities are borderless and face-to-face,” concluded Sati.

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