– Wall’s Maintains the Consistency of These Three Pillars for 30 Years in Indonesia , Wall’s shows their consistency in maintaining the three pillars of the company during their 30 years of presence in Indonesia. These pillars include brands, products, people which are then brought to consumers through various innovations.

Starting from product and program innovation, this ice cream brand tries to present products that people like. In its 30th anniversary, this Unilever ice cream brand is reintroducing their purpose through #All JadiHappy.

The purpose of spreading happiness to consumers is the company’s effort to realize their three main pillars, namely brand, product, people . In terms of products, Wall’s continues to launch various iconic variants.

Consistency to present products that are not only focused on quality but are also of interest to the public. Therefore, they continue to produce product innovations that are in line with their purpose .

“As a brand that has a purpose , Wall’s is present from generation to generation through products and programs for consumers. Our existence until now certainly cannot be separated from the support of various parties who support our journey.

Thanks to the common mission and consistency of many parties, we are able to spread happiness through tens of billions of ice cream enjoyed by consumers in various regions in Indonesia,” said Bernardus Rendita Kusumo, Senior Brand Manager of Wall’s.

image size-full">Wall's Three Pillars
Wall’s Three Pillars

Since 1992, hundreds of new product innovations have been introduced to consumers. In addition to product innovation, they also introduce inspirational programs for the community.

One of them is when the COVID-19 pandemic is present in the community. Wall’s is also trying to provide support to continue to give happiness to its consumers by distributing hundreds of thousands of free ice cream for health workers, orphans, and online motorcycle taxis .

The brand also shows concern for communities affected by disasters such as the earthquake in Lombok, the tsunami in Palu, and the eruption of Mount Semeru. The commitment to bringing happiness to various levels of society is also felt by Indonesian athletes through collaboration with the Indonesian Team.

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    “As the only long-term official partner of the Indonesian Team, Wall’s has been here to provide happiness and support for national athletes since 2018. Support is given in various forms, both material to support athletes competing at sports parties, to enthusiastic support such as initiatives to raise support the athlete community,” said Raja Sapta Oktohari, President of the National Olympic Committee of Indonesia.

    Various achievements that have been made by Wall’s for 30 years are present in Indonesia. They also emphasized that it could not be separated from the collaboration of the Wall’s Family or the people who worked and contributed to Wall’s.

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