Website Optimization to Support Online Business

P9IS – Website Optimization , In order for a business to be successful online, it is important to have a clear digital marketing strategy. One of them with website marketing.

Website marketing is the process of promoting a website on the internet, which is used as a digital marketing as a whole as an online marketing medium. It aims to get visits to the website so that the business being run has many customers.

Before optimizing the website, then determine the products to be sold, the target market, and the plans that will be made for the business being run. Then, as one of the marketing media to support online business, the website must be optimized by following the following steps.

Website Design

The first step before optimizing a website, then make sure you already have a website first. So create a website that accurately represents the business you run. Not only paying attention to the visual aspect or appearance, but also determining the quality of the business information that is being carried out.

This website is like a home or shop if it is run on an offline business, therefore the website design must be good, with an appearance that is set to be user-friendly and functional. In addition, the web must provide information related to the company and business products that are sold and be mobile-friendly.

Websites cannot be separated from SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO is the process of increasing the visibility of a business website on search engines.

This SEO is not only related to the written content that is created, but there is also on-page SEO so that website pages are SEO-friendly and the content is easy to read by search engines, off-page SEO to promote websites with the aim of getting high-quality links from other websites and SEO local to optimize website for location search and get more customers.

When promoting a website online, you are basically promoting website content. So use a marketing strategy by doing keyword research and finding out which SEO keywords are targeted with content. Also use google search results analysis to help find out target keywords based on the type of content Google wants.

Add Website Links To All Platforms

In addition to keywords the place to promote a website is to use various platforms. Use business accounts that are relevant to the business being run on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

After that, complete the business profile and link the website on social media pages. Having social media without followers will certainly not provide benefits, therefore develop followers to connect with people who may be interested in the products being sold. Also, create product-relevant content on a regular basis.

In addition to social media, another platform that can be utilized is E-mail. The purpose of a website marketing promotion is to develop an E-mail list. A good way to get people to come back to your website, tell them about new website content or sell products right away is by using an active E-mail list.

The product page on the website that is designed must take advantage of the psychological side. For example, on the products offered, give an exclusive impression by giving the time of purchase so that potential buyers immediately buy the product.

Display visually appealing photos and videos. Then provide a well-targeted product description. This product description should not be too long to make potential customers turn away.

Provide a listing in the product description to make it easier for potential customers to understand what is described. The information provided is just enough, provide information on whether the product can solve their problems because the physical description of the product is not really that important.

If you are going to make articles to increase visits to the website, then you should make articles that educate and connect them with the products to be sold. The articles that are made are also too long, but still must be informative.

Website Optimization
Website Optimization

Use Google Analytics Reports

In order to access detailed information about a business website, you can use Google Analytics. With Google Analytics, it can provide some information such as how many users visited the business website, what pages users visited, and user demographic details.

Respond to Online Reviews

Users before buying a product often look at ratings and reviews online, so users already have an opinion about the product before contacting you. Apart from that, reviews can also improve SEO.

Use Paid Ads

After starting SEO and making use of multiple platforms as free promotional media, you may realize that in order to make SEO work and the many followers it deserves on these platforms,

social media is not an easy thing. Therefore, to reach customers quickly, then one more ingredient for marketing this website with paid advertising.

Using paid advertising of course determines the cost. So make sure that the available budget is sufficient. There are several advertising platforms that can be used, including Google Ads.

Google Ads targets people based on the search terms users use on Google. In addition, it also displays ads on YouTube, Gmail and sites that participate in Goggle Ads. Besides Google Ads, you can also advertise on Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads.


Another way to promote a business website is through a giveaway. This giveaway can be in several ways, for example, brand awareness and drive traffic. Brand awareness has a purpose by asking contestants to use the product being sold in an image or video creatively.

Direct sales of these products on business websites. Meanwhile, drive traffic aims to increase conversions on the website by allowing the audience to register for a giveaway on the business website that they run. The giveaway held requires a fee for the prize, so adjust it according to the budget that has been prepared.


In recent years, influencers have become part of a digital marketing strategy. Usually these influencers are active on social media and have many followers.

Partnering with influencers in conducting promotions such as giveaways linked to the website to attract customers’ interest in the products being sold. Keep in mind that using influencer services is not free, so it costs money.

So make sure that the budget prepared is sufficient. In addition, you need to pay attention to several things such as photo costs, video costs, number of followers, and average likes.

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    Fix Broken Links

    Broken links then lead nowhere or give the user an error. There are several reasons why links cannot be accessed, including expired domain names, empty index files, errors in DNS settings and excessive traffic. So always make sure that the shared links are not broken, so that they can be accessed by the users.

    In order to find out whether the optimization of the website that has been carried out has been effective or not, it must still be monitored.

    In this digital marketing, everything can be measured and analyzed through data. The desired data can in some cases be accessed via Google Analytics.

    After being analyzed, you can make decisions for the business you run. For example, if the data shows that a certain topic has the best performance among others, then focus your marketing efforts on creating content around that topic.

    Website optimization to support this online business also needs to take advantage of several platforms as promotional media.

    This is because digital marketing can sometimes not only use one medium. In addition, because of the large number of online competitions, it is very necessary for business people to always be consistent.




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