Why Google Shows Your Website?

Wwhy google shows your website ? google and web tips


Have you ever wondered, why other websites appear on the main page of the search list or Search Engine Result Page (SERP) while your website does not? It turns out that there is a secret behind the search engine kitchen and there is a reason why Google chooses several websites to be placed on its main page.The key is in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is a method to increase the quality of website visits through search engines. The process in SEO makes your website visible in organic searches. Why organic search? Because the results found from organic search are sites that are not supported by ads and do not pay to be on the main page of Google.

The relationship between Google, SEO, and websites can be explained by an analogy. Who do you turn to for help if you live far from your family? Of course to your closest friends or neighbors, right? Why did you choose to ask them for help? Because you’ve known each other for a long time?

Because the person is easy to trust? Or because the person is quick and alert when asked for help? Likewise, Google has its own reasons for showing or not showing your website. Then, what are the requirements from Google so that your website is shown in the list of search results?

Relevant title and content
The friend or neighbor you choose to help you will certainly have expertise relevant to your needs. For example, if you ask for help carrying heavy items, you are not asking a child for help, but a grown man.

Likewise with Google, the websites that are taken are those whose contents are relevant. Relevant means that there is a match between the title, description, and content. When searchers type certain keywords, then Google will show several sites that show relevant / appropriate content.

Site recognized
The second condition, your website must be recognized so that Google shows it on the search start page. What does it mean to be recognized? Your website is not a website that is blocked by the government.

Blocking sites will make your website not recognized by search engines. The causes of blocking can vary, including pornographic content, negative content, containing criminal elements, violating the ITE Law, and so on. Therefore, create a website for things that bring benefits to many people.

Websites can be recognized by Google because of the consistency of content updates, how often you post, and continuous activity.

Trusted website
What is the reason you choose your friend to be your business partner? It must be because you have believed it, right? Just like you, Google will show trusted websites in search results. Trusted means, your website contains facts and there is no element of deception.


This often happens to fake online stores that are not displayed by Google because there are many indications of fraud. Google will not show websites whose content is perfunctory. A powerful way to make your website trusted is to provide trusted extensions such as .id, .com, .net, and many more.

By choosing hosting and domain at providers , your website will increase its credibility. Just specify a domain name for your site, then choose an extension that matches the website’s theme.

Concise, fast, and lightweight website
Not only your site visitors will like lightweight websites, Google also likes them. A light website is due to the size of the image that is not too large, the use of widgets as necessary, and the simple default theme.

Google will also show your website if the content is concise, the writing is not long-winded, dense, and to the point . In addition, websites with above average speed are also preferred. If the website loads ( buffering ) more than 3 seconds, the tabs will be closed and they will switch to another tab. Therefore, organize your website so that the content is concise, fast access, and easy to open.

Good backlinks
The website will be shown by Google if there are many related links, good backlinks , strong, and trustworthy. What are backlinks ? How to make it a strong and trusted link? Like a marketer who is diligent in brand promotion, backlinks are tools to promote your website links.

For example, you have 4 social media, then try to find a link on the four social media that leads back to the website. The more backlinks, the more relationships that show your website so that traffic increases.

Paid websites
As explained in the opening of the article, SEO uses organic type search results. There are actually two types of search results, namely organic and inorganic. Organic search results are those that appear without being supported by ads, usually appearing under the title in the form of an icon.

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Organic search results are natural and unpaid, but the downside is that they can be easily blocked by others. While inorganic search results are supported by advertising and paid. Because it’s paid, a website can be at the top of the search list. You can choose to use one of the two. By utilizing SEO or organic search, you don’t have to pay to have your website on the first page of search. Enough with good writing skills.

Now you know the reason why Google shows certain websites in its search results list. Hopefully the points above can help answer your questions, friends! Don’t forget, if this article is useful, share it with other friends!


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