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According to Accenture Technology Vision 2021, technology is the safety rope during a global pandemic. With technology, companies can create new ways of working and doing business, create new interactions and experiences, and improve health and safety.

Technology has forever changed expectations and habits, and brought new realities to every sector of the industry. With the shift in the company’s reactive attitude towards the crisis, it has changed by looking for new breakthroughs.

Leaders who are courageous, visionary and use technology to master change will determine the future. Accenture’s 21st annual report, “Leaders Wanted: A Chance of Change in a Decisive Time” (“Leaders Wanted: Masters of Change at a Moment of Truth,”) describes how leading companies are shortening a decade’s digital transformation to a year or two. .

By relying on a strong digital core to adapt and innovate at lightning speed, leaders are increasing revenue 5x faster than today’s slow-moving companies. In fact, from 2015 to 2018, according to research from Accenture, leaders were only able to move 2x faster. The result has been a wave of competition between companies in restructuring their businesses and using technological innovation to shape the new realities they are currently facing.

“The global pandemic encourages companies to accelerate into the future. Many companies, including those in Indonesia, decide to use technology in extraordinary ways, at a speed they thought was impossible, to keep their businesses and communities going. Others face the reality of their failure and lack of the digital foundations needed to change rapidly, ”said Kher Tean Chen – Country Managing Director, Accenture in Indonesia.

Meanwhile, Managing Director of Technology, Accenture in Indonesia Retno Kusumawati said companies need to rethink how applications are developed and implemented, and compete on technology architectures to be more agile and flexible. In fact, almost all executives (95%) in Indonesia state that their technology architecture is very important to the success of their company as a whole.

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Accenture surveyed more than 6,200 business and technology leaders for the Technology Vision report, and 92% said their companies were innovating because of the drive and need to act this year. And 91% of executives agree that in order to gain market share in the future, it means that their company must establish the market itself.

Prioritizing technological innovation has become very important today in response to a fast-moving world. For example, in one restaurant industry: 60% of the restaurants on the ‘temporarily closed’ list in Yelp in July had closed in September.

Through this chaotic situation, Starbucks emerged as a leader in using technology to expand its customers and retail channels. In August, three million new users downloaded the app, with ordering via cell phone and a drive-thru product pick-up service accounting for 90% of sales. With increasing demand, companies are deploying an integrated ticket management system to coundercover.co.id/ne orders from applications.

Starbucks is also introducing a new espresso machine with sensors that can track how much coffee has been poured and predict when a treatment is needed. This is a powerful illustration of how technology can be at the heart of the agility, resilience, and success of a company’s response to change.

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