WIR Group Education Metaverse Steals WEF 2022 Delegation’s Attention

PT WIR Asia Tbk (WIR Group) is back at the World Economic Forum (WEF) for the third time. At the 2022 World Economic Forum, WIR Group presented a prototype I metaverse of the world of Indonesian education which managed to attract the attention of the delegates. The prototype presented by the WIR Group showcases the Indonesian education sector in virtual reality and augmented reality experiences which will be part of the metaverse platform being built by the WIR Group.

To present Indonesian education in the metaverse world at WEF 2022 held in Davos, Switzerland, WIR Group collaborated with the Ministry of Investment/Investment Coordinating Agency (BKPM) and the CAKAP e-learning platform. Through this opportunity, WIR Group seeks to show the world the progress of technology development, especially digital technology in Indonesia.

“We are honored to be trusted again to fill the Indonesia Pavilion at the WEF 2022 event. Through this metaverse prototype for the world of education, we want to show the world about a modern Indonesia with a global and futuristic vision. WIR Group will continue to strive to realize O2O integration ( online to offline ) so that there is a continuous impact and benefit, especially in the Indonesian education sector,” said Michel Budi, President Director of WIR Group in an official written release of WIR Group.

Entitled ‘ Reimagining Education in Web3: Learning in Metaverse ‘, WIR Group presented a demonstration of the first phase of the development of the metaverse of the world of education that WEF 2022 delegates could try. The demonstration carried out by WIR Group used devices based on augmented reality and virtual reality technology.

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    This technology makes online educational activities more interactive and immersive. In the future, WIR Group will also involve artificial intelligence technology in the development of this metaverse prototype in the world of education.

    “At the WEF 2022 event, WIR Group showed and demonstrated to the WEF delegates a prototype application of metaverse technology for the education sector. Through collaboration with CAKAP and BKPM, WIR Group seeks to develop a more interactive two-way learning system by utilizing metaverse technology to make it more interesting and provide new experiences,” said Michel.

    The development of a metaverse platform in the world of education is in line with the efforts of the Government of Indonesia in preparing support for 5G deployment throughout Indonesia. This is a momentum to build and strengthen the development of a stronger metaverse in each industry. The presence of this technology is expected to help the development of Indonesian education, especially in creating global competitive talents.

    “We will continue to show the superiority of the metaverse technology that we have developed as the work of the nation’s children. This also indicates that Indonesia is able to create opportunities and is ready to compete globally in terms of high technology,” concluded Michel.

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